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- I don't advocate abortion as a birth-control method.
- I believe abortion should be an option for women who become pregnant by means of rape or forced ******.
- If the pregnancy threatens the life of the woman, abortion should be an option.
- I do not believe in aborting a fetus simply because it isn't the desired sex.

Overall, I believe women should have the right to choose, as long as they have responsible sex. I don't believe it's acceptable for a woman to not take any contraceptive measures and then rush out to get an abortion any time she becomes pregnant. There must be thought and consideration put into sexual activity, and those who carelessly get pregnant because they know they can have an abortion should not have sex until they have developed some sense of responsibility.

As far as government interference goes, if they are going to enforce abortion restriction laws, there should ideally be some sort of branch of social services created to investigate each potential abortion case individually. There is no black and white with this issue, and there should be no cut and dried laws regarding it.

Everyone may not agree, but this is the way I see it.

SpiritOfTheRabbit SpiritOfTheRabbit
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Only forced ******?? What if the kid was groomed to be abused it not their fault

I agree with you on the food issue, Tegan. There is enough food in the world to feed everyone in it. The resources I was talking about were more along the lines of land, trees, clean water, etc. If we don't watch our step, we are going to land ourselves right into the same conditionas as most 3rd world countries who depend on the super-rich for their every need.<br />
I didn't mean to imply that abortion is the answer to the world's resource problems, however. I just think that, as Curious said, we should spay and neuter irresponsible humans just as we do to cats and dogs, who breed without a second thought.

I didn't say anything about population, I think it was the Spirit's comment. But having been drawn into it, I wil say that I have been hearing the overpopulation dire warnings for nearly fiftey years, I remember it being discussed in the UNICEF magazines we got in elementary school. I beleive the planet will, and is bound to, have many more humans. Food for our additional brethren is a problem of corrupt distribution and politics, not of supply. Huge amounts of food are destroyed every year worldwide just to keep the price of commodities up.

The point is this: as a population, we are overwhelming our planet and dwindling resources at an alarming rate. I say we start taking action and reducing the number of unwanted births in this country. We enforce the spaying and neutering of animals for the exact same reason. Why is it different for humans just because we have some sort of egotistical notion that we are somehow more important than animals?

I agree sooo much everyone shud b sterilised

Abortion in legal int his country, unless you wait until the last minute. Set by a few people on a Supreme Court long ago. Never voted on by the people. Isnt it interesting that reasonscan be found to determine who (or it if yoy prefer) survives. Should individuals never be born because of the sins of their father? Shouln't it therefore be correct to execute the childern of a death row inmate with him? Does the logic apply or not?