Mother Knows Best

As the title suggests, I believe a mother always knows best. This also applies to a potential mother who is pregnant.

Now I do believe that life begins at conception, and every child at any stage of development has great potential for anything. But my issue is that we don't know what that potential is. Sure they could grow up and find the cure for some currently incurable disease. They might even invent a more efficient way to travel through space and discover new worlds. Or they could just as easily become a mass murderer, or even a unmotivated welfare recipiant.

The thing is, we will never know what the unborn child will be. We will never know what it wants, dreams, or even if it wants or dreams anything at all. What we do know is what the mother knows. She knows what she can handle, and what is best for her child. She knows all the circumstances surrounding her pregnancy where we do not. 

That is why we cannot have one clear cut black and white solution to this issue, because the issue itself is mostly all grey. Only the mother knows the right choice for her and her baby. The right choice isn't either abortion or carrying the child to term, a right choice is what best suits the individual who makes it. That could be adoption, or selflessly keeping the child. Or it could be abortion.  Sure there are those who make the wrong choice and regret it for their own various reasons. But that doesn't make it the wrong choice for everyone. There are plenty of women who know in their hearts that they made the right choice, whatever choice it was that they made.

This applies to all women who abort as well, even those who do so more than once. You can call them selfish if you want, for continuing to kill their children. But imagine if those same women were forced to carry the child to term. Motherhood does not magically make a women think less of herself. That same selfishness you say she has with aborting her babies would be there still, and to the detriment of her child. I know this because I was a child of this kind of mother.

Adoption is an option yes, and you may scream it to the hills that there are so many parents out there that desperately want to adopt. That is well and good, and I have nothing but respect and admiration for the women brave enough to hold out for this. But I can not help but wonder why these couples aren't looking to the children that are already here and crying out for a home. Why does an adopted child have to be a baby? Abortion may sound selfish to these couples dying to adopt, but is it not just as selfish to deny those who are already born the same love you want to give to the unborn?

There are many more reasons I am sure, and I have just about heard them all. But this is why I am pro-choice.

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2 Responses Aug 10, 2010

I am a pro-lifer who has friends and loved ones who are pro-choice so I sincerely try to see things from their point of view. The scenarios that you describe are sad indeed and this world unfortunately has a lot of that. However, a mother does not ALWAYS know best as you say. Child abuse crosses all spectrums of society from the very poor to the very rich. If anything, that shows us that even those that had the means to abort have abused their children. I wish that you could also put yourself in the shoes of the pro-lifer. For us, it's not that we can't see how hard life is for many people. I had a very difficult childhood. It is that we believe that the unborn should have at a minimum the right to life. Because I recognize that the fetus is a scientifically defined human being, then I can not apply death as a solution to its problems anymore than I could apply that solution to children who are already suffering. It's not because I'm misogynistic....since I'm a woman that would make me a masochist and believe me I'm not. It is because my empathy extends not just to the mother, but to the child as well.

It all stems from an inability to see from a viewpoint that opposes their own. If you google it, there are plenty of pro-lifers out there who have aborted. They excuse themselves for their own reasons, but still demonize other women who make the same choice. It is unbelievable.