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I'm a Blue Star Mom...For those of you who don't know that's what we become when one of our children join the Army.
My son's name is Zackary,the meaning of his has carried me through his 3 tours of this war. When Zack was born I wanted to name him Josh, but his dad was a big John Denver fan and there was a song about Jenny and Zachary so guess you know what my kids names are. LOL.. Zackary means GOD Will Remember and I have had to believe this was true through all of the 10 yrs he has served.He has been stationed twice in the GREEN ZONE and was at FOB Shank on his last tour. My greatest fear was unleashed at 3:00 am, one morning when I got a call that he had ran over an road side bomb and was in the hospital.The only news we could get was from his buddies,the Dr."s weren't taking our calls.There's nothing like the feeling of knowing your child is hurt half a world away and you can't get to him quickly..Being his mom and not his wife means,she goes and you stay and wait for news...I Thank-God each and every day that Zack made it home and that even though he choose to stay in the Army I hold on to the fact that God loves him even more than I do,and trust God to bring him through what ever he is called to do as he serves his country..My prayer is that I never become A Gold Star Mom...That is what I'll be if Zack doesn't make it back..... 
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I have a son serving in the Army.

Thank your Son for his service for us to live free.

That was one heartfelt story. Could not even imagine how it felt to be in your place and have to wait for news. God give courage and strength to families like yours. Your son is incredible.


....And I Thank-You to Ms.Lahdeedah too. For taking the time to respond to the post.<br />
I manage a store that sells sand and had a lady who had called mths ago pricing sand to put up a pool for her 2 little girls. She called again today and i set it up for her and the girls to come in. When they arrived the little girl was so much like my sons daughter it just touch my heart.Her Daddy is serving over in Kuwait now.. I got down on her level and told her how proud I was of her daddy for serving our country to protect all of us,how proud I was of her being a little soldier and helping her mom while her dad was away. Needless to say I bought and paid for the sand that they needed and was honored to do so...I'm not brag n here ,just asking that if you should have the chance to do soo show Ur support by helping a soldier's family should you see a need.This is how those of us here serve by serving the family's they have had to leave behind....

What a great story, and with 10 years, I'm guessing your son is going career? Good for him. And thanks to you too, military moms don't get as much credit as they deserve. Thank you for standing by your son :)