Bout To Buckle

I only have a week and a half till my soldier comes home Its been nine months since he left and for some reason I am having a harder time now than ever maybe its the anticipation of him coming home but I feel so helpless right now. I cant sleep I barely eat and I cry at every moment of the day. Everyone here at school knows my boyfriend is away but they dont understand why its hitting me so hard now. Im a mess
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2 Responses Apr 19, 2012

I know it's hard most of the time, but you really should find things to do to take your mind off of it. You need to have a life outside of him, if you don't your life in the Air Force will be torture. I miss my boyfriend every day, and sometimes I feel really sad, but I have never gone for days at a time where I'm depressed and make myself sick and stuff. Doing that means neediness and being too dependent on someone else for happiness.

Thanks brah.