I Support Our Troops

i support our troops as i was one of them during the vietnam war ,i served in the united states navy.phylisanne

phylisanne phylisanne
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4 Responses May 22, 2008

I have Never served yet I support our Troops without Question. Semper Fi.

I'm a Vietnam Vet - My son is an Iraqi vet who's heading to Afghanistan in April (325th, Ft Bragg) My father and father in law were in WW@, grandfather in WW! and on back. An interesting part of our family/military history. Great, great granfather Zehner was with the 21st? Pennsylvania at Gettysburg. Great, great grandfather Walker was with the 24th Alabama. Pennsylvania was holding part of little round top; Alabama was attacking up little round top. If one had shot the other I wouldn't be here right now. tim

good for him and tell him for me wellcome.being in the navy i also did two tours in the tonkin gulf. phylisanne

I definately support and respect the troops. I've never served myself but, I was raised in the service. My dad served about 30 years all together and did 2 tours in Nam.