Isnt She Cute

please support those serving they do it to help protect people like her and people like you <3
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Awww. Cute.

And Cabbage Patch kids and those who love them across the country.

I did my time and am glad and very proud to have served.. US Navy Vet.

I love this!
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My husband served in the Army......God bless them all

Thank you for your support. A lot of people get wrapped around the politics when they look at us an forget that we are just everyday moms and dads who are working to support our families.

Cute picture, I could not agree more with your statement.


yep she is

I certainly support the soldiers themselves because most of them don't know the real reasons for why they are fighting. I certainly do not support the way the leadership is using them. Too many people are dying for no reason.

Adorable. And of course, all my respect to those who wear the uniform.

She is very cute! Yes, I believe and do support our troups, god bless them.

From the FOB in the mountains of N. AFG I thank you for your support and want to thank you forsharing your experiences with all of us.Please keep it up. Oh, to answer your question, yes she is very cute.

Couldn't agree more. Anytime I see someone in uniform I shake their hand & say thanks for serving.

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Nice. She is cute. Yes.

It's always nice to hear. Thank you. There are those who don't feel this way at all and I just have to tell myself I enlisted so they can have that right regardless of how they feel.

Some people will never appriciate what they have. Thank you for protecting my freedoms. &lt;3

i agree my family is deep within the military and i support them everyday :) nice one joni