My Little Sister

Well my sister is dating a u.s marine she has been dating him for over a year. I had the privilage to meet him on thanksgiving last year. My sister brought him to meet our family and he was the perfect gentleman. My little sister is  blessed that she is with someone so brave and respectful for fighting for our freedom. M e and my husband thank and support all the military soliders out there. And for the reason I logged into this web site was for my sister today he left and since they been together this is the first time she is saying good bye to him, last year when he came home they got together and he is her best friend she is having a hard time. But I have faith in the lord that he will come home soon to be with her and his family in boston. She also had the privilage to meet his family in boston for new years. I will tell my sister about this web site so she can chat and meet others going through these hard moments. God bless all our troops.

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In fact, you should tell her to take a look at my profile. She could probably get some good ideas of what groops to join by looking at my experiences. There are so many wonderful girls here who understand exactly how she's feeling. I'd love to chat with her

That's sweet. Your a wonderful sister. Definately let her know that this is the place to come. Everyone is so kind and understanding. They know what you're going through and offer some very good advice. I'm an air force girlfriend and I'm a part of so many different groops here dealing with loving a man in the military. I've found support in each. She should really check it out :) God bless!