I'm torn between joining the army or the air force after college, but whichever branch I choose, I know I'll make a difference. :)
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Good for you

Good girl u pick it be ok

Good luck!


You're welcome!

Good for you! What ever branch u decide to join our country will appreciate it.

Are y'all both sisters?

Haha no

I've been considering joining the air force. It's been my dream for a while, but I don't think I make the requirements for piloting. So I don't know if I still wanna join it

Well being in the Air Force doesn't only mean to be a pilot. There are other MOS that might interest you. It'll be cool to fly the planes, but I've always wanted to be an intelligence officer

That's true. I'm waiting to see what I wanna do after sophomore year

Well I wish you the best of luck! :)

You as well!

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