I'm obsessed. I didn't get to join (health reasons) and I'm so stinking jealous of the toys they get to play with. Ive always lived outside a base but never as big as this!! Hampton, Virginia. Wow. Just wow.
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Toys??? TOYS??? What do you mean by toys? Is this an indication of your and so many other sheoples mind set? An item that is designed to kill another human being (no matter who uses it) is a fukkin TOY??? Are you NUTS???? You and so many like you need to seriously wake up. Dont forget that the so called USA are responsible for more civilian deaths than any other organisation in modern history. The USA is the ONLY country that has used a nuclear weapon in anger but yet has the gall to tell other countries they cant have that weapon. Plus if you want to go into the American-Japanese situation bring it on. Ill gladly enlighten you. The USA is doing its utmost to take over the world by means of "terrorist" activities and so called "lawfare"...educate yourself and then talk to me about the real role of the military. Wake the *** up and stop being led like a lamb.

For **** sakes don't tell me you're spweing this bullshit all across EP?

Thank you!
When someone would say to me "Thank you for your service."
I would always reply "Thank You for your support".

I just learned that recently. I don't ever thank, I've heard it's not the most liked thing. But **** man lol

I don't really follow man? What do mean... Like in real life or on this strange little app?

In real life. Idk a single vet that's comfortable with being thanked and it's usually followed by an awkward you're welcome. I learned about the "thank you for your support" just recently and most seem to be ok with it. My hubby is a vet and he never knew how to respond.

Yeah I agree it was awkward for me until I found that return gesture

Awesome :)

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