The Iraq and Afghan Wars are Total Wastes

THE TROOPS NEED TO BE HOME!!!  Face it--the only freedom being fought for in these wars is Halliburton's, Blackwater's and other corporations'  financial freedom.  The people in this country need to wake up, stop being mindless sheep, following the government's party line.  40 years ago, I saw the same mindless "Good German" mentality regarding the war in Vietnam.  Yes, the troops need to be supported (due partially to the diseases they're going to face down the road {a new, improved version of Gulf War Disease, depleted uranium-caused cancers and genetic damage, and the added, more intense PTSD they'll face from the stupid policies of stop-loss and repeated deployments}), but  the Generals, Admirals, Chickenhawk politicians, PNAC think-tankers, etc.-----welllllllllllllll, that's "a whole 'nother matter."

Cynic2 Cynic2
Feb 22, 2010