What is so mind-boggling about women of any type having sex with a black man? Black men have always dated outside of their race. I actually think they are very successful with that. This group is pretty strange and I'm not sure if I really get it. It is as if this group is trying to prove that black men are not contagious or dirty or something... Someone explain, please.
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Well, if you're talking about interracial dating, I have no problem about that. But I do have a problem with people talking about how great interracial babies are and how everyone should be having them, or trying to promote interracial dating and trying to push that crap onto everyone else to get everyone to mix. It's kind of "I understand, you think it interracial dating is great, good for you, just don't expect everyone else to feel the same."

Anyway, I think it's more of an issue that black women have with black men dating outside their race than with other races.

I tend to get somewhat irritable when I hear people say mixed babies are the cutest. I mean I know they are, but I don't think they're the best. I think when people say that, I think there's a hint in their message explaining that they're just like any other kid. I don't know. There's so much issue with race in this world that it's crazy. It's stupid and below logic.

I share your confusion, and I'll take it a step further. If we take the title of the group and pay attention to the grammar, the cause that is being supported is "all women having sex with black men." Is it really the goal of this group to get all women to do that? Even women married to non-black men? I doubt if that is the intention, but that IS what the title says!

(I have a natural tendency, some would say a perverse tendency, to parse English phrases in such a way as to come to bizarre conclusions as to what they mean. You can imagine what I think as I read a typical newspaper! lol)

A black man will do anything for HIS GAIN!

As well as any other kind of guy

It's the human mind.......we all have something that is erotic, exotic.<br />
<br />
Another example could be white and black men that only want sex with Asian women.<br />
<br />
I personally think that all women are beautiful. And when it **** to my wife. I enjoy the contrast of her skin to her lovers. As far as **** size is concerned, I just want her to have one that gives her pleasure, and this she has had with both white and black. A couple of Asian guys almost got lucky with her, but ended up with hand and mouth service.

Hmm, wow.

If this answer makes you uncomfortable I apologise. It is due to the stereotype that black men have a much bigger penis then men of other races. For some reason things such as ***********, non-black people who believe black people are superior and black supremacists are keeping the myth alive and it has got to the point of stupidity. Scientific research has proven that penis size does not vary by race (if it does does that mean vagina size and depth vary by race too? Why don't people assume that if they believe the penis one?) so that could mean one thing. Only some men regardless of race were born lucky to have a big penis while the majority tried penis enlargement and it worked for them but of course men would never admit they tried penis enlargement (I wouldn't admit it that's for sure lol). While a lot of people believe that myth a lot of people do know it is a myth (there are plenty of people on EP who admits it's a myth along with websites that show it and the reasons why the myth is alive and well). I have no problem with interracial relationships, interracial sex and so on at all but people who only have relationships with black men cause of the myth are extremely shallow and it's an insult to women (and men) who do date black men cause they are attracted to them and know for a fact that the big black penis thing is a myth.

I NEVER even considered this the possibility. Thank you!

B to B sex is always superior

While all the black men my wife has been with have been at least above average, there have only been two that would be considered large. For her it is not the penis size but much more. The Taboo, the looks, the confidence (at least in the men she has been with), the thuggish appeal (again with only a few, not a generalization), and the possibility of getting pregnant with a mixed race baby when she is married to a very white husband. There are so many other things as well, but to say that white women are only attracted due to the size myth would only apply to a small percentage of women.

I\'ve been with about 100 men sexually, approximately 35 white &amp; 65 - 70 black. Of 35 white guys, one had a 8 inch penis, two had 7 or larger, the other 30 + had under 6 inches.

Of the 70+ black men, 4 had under 6 inches, 1 had just over 6 inches, the other 60 + black men all had at least 7 inches. I\'d say at least 50 of them had AT LEAST 8 inches, at least 25 had 9 or 10 THICK inches.

I\'m sorry, i know a sample of 100 is kind of anecdotal, but for the most part, I\'ve found over &amp; over &amp; over white guy = expect 5 or 6 inches, black guy = expect at least 7.5, usually 8 +

The science you refer to, i believe, is just trying to make white men &amp; small black men feel less inferior.

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