My Girlfriend Rita And Her Black Seducer Student

I had been dating sarah for about 6 months when she suddenly switched from being a really good **** with strong desire on her part to being a fantastic unbelievable ****. She is a teacher in a local high school and is usually very tired when she gets home, so doesn’t want me to come over and **** her much during the week. This one Monday night, she is waiting for me at my apartment, and she practically rapes me before I even get fully in the apartment. She is so hot I couldn’t believe my good fortune. Now please understand she is great in bed under any circumstances, since she really does love to ****, but this time she was raping me. Of course I didn’t object.
I thought something had happened that really turned her on but she wouldn’t tell me what it was until much later. This story is the explanation, which she finally told me weeks later.
She was working very late at school that first afternoon (the one where she came to my apartment so hot), and she thought everyone else had left. Her office was located near a back entrance to the school and ,after school, was really secluded since it was at the opposite end of the building from the office. She heard some noises outside her room in the hallway, which is really under a staircase. At first she ignored the noises thinking they were nothing. Then the sounds became a little louder and sounded like someone sucking or gurgling. In fact her first thought was someone getting a great *******. She was very curious now but cautious since she was all alone. She crept to the door to see what was going on. What she saw absolutely blew (no pun intended) her mind. Less than 10 ft. away from her door in an area that really was hidden from almost anyone except someone standing in her office, she saw one of the high school cheerleaders (white) squatting down with her mouth wrapped around one of the biggest dicks (black) she had ever seen in her life. Monica (the cheerleader) was sucking hard on that **** and Jimmy (the black **** owner) was just loving it. Both of them were in her English class and both were good students. Jimmy was also the star quarterback of the football team as well as being the most popular boy on the campus.
Sarah (white) was startled but didn’t know what to do. Obviously Monica loved what she was doing and certainly Jimmy was really into it. She knew she should do something but she strangely just stood in the shadows watching. At least she thought she was in the shadows. As she stood there she felt this tremendous tingling in her ***** and she almost came right there. This was turning her on big time. As she remained still, she noticed that Jimmy was staring right at her and it suddenly dawned on her that he had been watching her for a few minutes. Sarah hadn’t noticed because she was too busy watching Monica pull that big **** into her mouth and suck on it. Sarah had believed they couldn’t see her but apparently Jimmy could and did. Jimmy must have been emboldened by Sarah watching rather than stopping them because he put his hand on Monica’s head and just pulled her to him as he sort of leaned back with a glazed look in his eyes. It was obvious that he was about to *** in Monica’s mouth. I should stop this, thought Sarah, but instead her hand caressed her ***** through her dress. All of a sudden, Jimmy erupted in Monica and she just swallowed all she could of that tremendous load. Sarah also had an ****** while standing there at that moment. She had just completely let go and *** was dripping down her legs. That was the best ****** she had ever had without a **** inside here. She had closed her eyes to let the feelings sink in, and when she opened them she was looking directly into Jimmy’s eyes and she knew for sure that she had seen her watching during the whole session. Jimmy pulled his big **** back out of Monica’s lips and had Monica lick it clean, all while watching Sarah.
Now Sarah had to act and pretend that she had not been there the whole time. She suddenly burst out of the room and chastised both of them very toughly. Monica was scared to death.
“Oh, don’t report us. My parents will kill me. Please, Mrs, Jones, don’t say anything.”
Jimmy just looked on quietly. Finally Sarah said that she wouldn’t report it this time but they should never do anything like this again and “Jimmy, please put that thing back in your pants and leave it there.”
“Yes ma’am, Mrs. Jones, I’ll do that right away,” in a soft voice but with some real undertones to it.
Sarah then dismissed them and they walked away but Sarah was still so hot it was incredible. She rushed home hoping I was there but she had to wait for about 45 minutes, during which time she continuously rubbed her ****. When I arrived she started taking off my clothes before the front door was fully shut and just practically tore my clothes off. She grabbed my already hard **** and sucked it fully into her mouth as if it was the greatest tasting candy she had ever eaten. My **** was being vacuumed of all its blood and very quickly its’ ***. She sucked me dry there and then drug me into the waterbed where she pushed me down and got on top of me while sticking my **** as far into her ***** as it would go. She then started humping me harder than I ever did her until she came about 3 minutes later. Then she relaxed a little bit but didn’t stop *******. I rotated our position until I was on top and proceed to pound her almost as hard as she had humped me. She was still moaning and came several times until finally I burst inside her while she had the biggest ****** She had ever had with me. I had no idea what she was so hot about but I liked it. But she wouldn’t tell me then.
Sarah brewed about this situation that night all night. She now believed that Jimmy knew she had watched during most of the entire session and might think wrong thoughts about why she watched instead of acting. Come to think of it, why did she watch so long and get so turned on. She only knew that she could see every thick vein and every muscle of Jimmy’s **** in her mind. It was as if it was etched in her brain. And the way it had ***, and its size, its power. Oh god, Sarah knew she was in trouble. She could feel Jimmy’s thick black **** inside her that moment, just filling her with its power, its’ length, its ***. And, oh, how she could taste it in her mouth. She literally came while thinking about it. But she couldn’t do that. He was a student, so young, but oh so big. Sarah honestly knew at that moment that she could not resist Jimmy if he approached her. She wanted that **** inside her, but she also knew she had to resist. Maybe if she talked to Jimmy and denied watching the session, and tried to prevent ever being alone with him when they might ****, maybe that would work. Anyway that was the strategy. Of course she could not talk to Ron (that’s me, her boyfriend) about this. He would never understand.
The next day in school, Jimmy was very polite to Sarah and she told him that she had to talk to him immediately after school in her classroom. Ok, said Jimmy, nicely, but with a gleam in his eyes. After school, Jimmy came by promptly and asked Sarah what she wanted with him. She began to tell him that she did not see much of what happened yesterday but could never condone such activity. She told him he must never participate in such an activity again anywhere on campus grounds. She had absolutely no confidence that Jimmy believed her but she spoke the words anyway. Jimmy responded by telling Sarah that he had seen her in the classroom watching them the whole time but that was ok. He didn’t intend to do that again with Monica. She was just a little girl and he wanted a real woman like Sarah. Sarah reacted strongly to that statement both inside her where she almost had an ****** just thinking about it and aloud where she told Jimmy that he should never say anything like that or even think it. Jimmy said he thought she might like that since she seemed to enjoy watching it so much.
Sarah again jumped on Jimmy for being so brash. “ I didn’t enjoy it that much and didn’t see that much., so don’t go jumping to conclusions.”
“Does that mean you wouldn’t do that,” asked Jimmy, “with me?”
Sarah’s ***** was gushing but she just couldn’t let on. “No Jimmy, I couldn’t do that with you, whether I wanted to or not. You are a student and I am a teacher, that would not be right.” replied Sarah.
“Does that mean you want to but can’t because you are a teacher and I am a student?” asked Jimmy very innocently.
“ No, that is not what it means” said Sarah aloud while thinking that is exactly why.
“ I don’t want to do anything with you”.
“ I’m sorry. Mrs. Jones, but I think you do want to do it, and that we will find a time and a way to do it. I know I want to, and I believe you want to.” Said Jimmy and he just walked away.
Sarah was shattered that she had let him leave her that way with that speech. She knew it was true and so did jimmy, so she really was in trouble now. But if she was in trouble, why was her ***** aching for a **** so bad. Damn, I had better get over to Ron’s place quick, which she did.
I was really benefiting from this but didn’t know why I was so lucky. Sarah was ******* me every night, sucking my **** ‘til it was totally dry, and just totally horny. I knew something was going on but I had no clue what.
During the next two weeks, Sarah tried her best to ignore Jimmy and never get alone with him. Jimmy, however, found every excuse to come to Sarah’s office or classroom 4 and 5 times a day. He would come over with Monica before football practice with his tight shorts just bulging out, and would visit Sarah in her office. She would watch while trying not to notice, as his **** would swell inside the shorts until it looked like it was going to bust out at any moment. She knew she was fighting a losing battle and also knew that Jimmy knew. She finally admitted to herself that she was going to **** Jimmy and suck that big ****. She had to have it, and the sooner the better. Now she had to plan where and how. It couldn’t be at school. And she wanted plenty of time so she could really savor that moment. Why had she wasted so much time pretending she wasn’t going to **** him? Maybe at Ron’s place when he is out of town but how can I get Jimmy there without telling him exactly why? Oh, hell, what difference does that make, He knows I want it so to admit it wouldn’t change a thing.
Sarah called me the next day and asked my schedule. I told her I would be out of town for the rest of this week (this was Monday), and wouldn’t be back until late Friday afternoon. Did she need something? No, just that she might sleep there a few nights because she had hired a painter to do some work in her house and she didn’t want to sleep smelling the fumes. That’s fine with me, I said. You have the key so enjoy and I will see you Friday. That all sounded so innocent and she had stayed there plenty of times so I thought nothing about it.
Sarah had called from school knowing that Jimmy would be by her office very soon. Her ***** was already dripping just thinking about what was going to happen.
Jimmy came in shortly after that, and, as luck would have it, was alone. “Jimmy”, Sarah said, “here is an address. It is an apartment where my boyfriend lives and he will be out of town all week. Can you meet me there tonight?” asked Sarah, not believing she was saying those words but hoping he would say yes, yes.
“Really”, with a very surprised look, said Jimmy. “You bet I’ll be there. What time?”
“How about 7:00 o’clock,” said Sarah.
“Fine, I’ll see you then”, and ran out the door before sarah could say anything more.
Sarah’s ***** was tingling all the rest of that day. She went back to her apartment to get some sexy eveningwear, but realized they wouldn’t be necessary. She got to Ron’s place about 5:35 and there sat Jimmy outside. “I couldn’t wait any longer” said Jimmy. Sarah didn’t say anything but opened the door and made absolutely sure it was locked behind them. She turned from the door and Jimmy hadn’t moved three inches so was directly facing her just inside the door. He put his arms around her and pulled her to him and kissed her harshly but somewhat tenderly. Sarah opened her mouth so he could taste her tongue and she could taste his. He had a very thick and lengthy tongue, which caressed the back of her throat. She just melted as she had never done before and knew that what ever Jimmy wanted her to do, she would do and love doing.
His hands were busy massaging her back as her hands were busy pulling him closer. He rubbed her *** and her cheeks pulling up her short dress as he was doing this. Soon, his hands were massaging bare flesh on her *** as he pushed the dress up to her waist. Oh, god it felt so good and she was so hot. She pushed him away so that she could unbuckle his belt and open his crotch. As she did she could feel that monstrous pole just throbbing inside his pants. She fumbled with the buttons until Jimmy helped her and suddenly the **** was free and she had her hands partially around it. Her hands weren’t big enough to go all the way around it. Oh, that feels so good. She dropped to her knees and kissed the tip of his penis. It had some precum on it and she sucked that in. She ran her lips around it and looked at that wonderful tool in total amazement. Will that fit in me? She was damn sure going to try. Neither of them had said a word and none was needed. The moment was all that counted. She gently rubbed those bulging veins in the penis and took the head into her mouth and ran her tongue around it as she sucked hard. Jimmy cried out in pleasure. Oh yes, Suck that ****. She gradually got more and more into he mouth and finally had the whole thing but couldn’t do much. However, not much was needed as Jimmy stiffened and told sarah that he was *******. She wanted that so just held on. He exploded in her mouth and she almost choked but she managed to get most of it swallowed.
Sarah was now a little gentler with that great bulbous penis gradually backing off and cleaning it as she went. Then she told Jimmy he had to **** her hard now and they finally left the foyer area and got into the waterbed. Jimmy was very gentle with Rita although Sarah wanted hardness and strong *******. Jimmy was just teasing her and tantalizing her until she cried out to Jimmy to put that **** in her.
Jimmy finally entered her but would penetrate only a little at a time. He would gently push it in and would **** her in that position for a short while and then push more in and **** some more. He gradually built the pace until he had all of it in her and was ******* as hard as he could. She had *** three times but was still building each time. She suddenly went totally stiff and pushed him up as he pushed hard into her and they both came at that moment.
They just lay there in complete exhaustion for a very short while. Jimmy stayed in Rita and his **** never got very soft so Sarah was just savoring that feeling of being completely filled with *** and ****. Jimmy began to move very slowly in her until she knew she was going to die. The feeling was that great. Soon they both came again and collapsed again. This time Sarah pulled the penis out of her and just held it for a few minutes tightly in her hand. It had still not lost all its hardness. She decided it was time for her to clean it again so she rolled down the bed to face the **** and started licking it allover. Of course that **** came back totally to life and Rita decided it was time to eat again so she did. Jimmy filled her again but she had less difficulty swallowing it.
They kept at this until Jimmy said he had to leave since he still in high school and couldn’t stay out all night. Sarah understood but didn’t want Jimmy to leave. Of course he had to. But they made plans to meet again the next night.

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It's always good for us when our women **** black men. They're bigger and do it better than we do. But we get the benefits too. So everyone wins.

Exelent story,I enjoyed all of it.