Just My Opinion.

i am a white wife and I like black men.
 I am happily married to a white guy that just so happens to like watching me take big black *****.
 I have been curious about sex for as long as I can remember.
 I I became aware of guys ***** early a uncle used to get me to sit on his lap when i was very young and I could feel his **** get hard when I would move around.
 I used to tease him  and one time I am sure that he came with me wiggling my *** on his ****,
 My husband Ken first got into my pants when I was 15 but I was ready for that since i was about twelve and had been ************ sense I heard my Mother and father going at it one night.
 We have two children well i have two children only one was fathered by my husband Another guy got me pregnant when he lived with us for a few months.
 Ken began to share me with other guy,s when we were married foe a couple years.
 I had my first black guy about six months after that.
 I thought it was so erotic watching between my breasts a black **** ******* me.
 I still do.
 I prefer really black guy,s with big ***** and so dose my husband..... Lin
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

Always love the stories you share. They are so hot.