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I have MS and have had it about 1 and 1/2 years. I think its great what Allfor MS is trying to do by bringing awareness to MS by hosting raffles, contests and trying to help raise much needed funds to help find a cure for this relentless and debilitating disease. WTG Allfor MS for all your efforts. And all proceeds they do raise goes 100% to the National MS Society which is a reputable non-profit organization, I think All for MS is doing a great job. Thanks

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I have had Ms for 10 years and this is the first I have ever heard of ALLfor MS. I live in New England, are you on the west coast or something?

@allforms Yep, I'm a guy, but I'm very happily in a relationship. Yes we did find each other online, lol, but we didn't fall in love until after we had met in person. It worked out somehow, and I even just recently bought a ring!<br />
<br />
But I was speaking of this site and if you look at some profiles, quite a few of them are tagged for having mature and adult contest.

lovely and msslownsteady - I'm assuming you are both guys if you are talking about finding woman online or even in these forums. For me I'm a happily married woman and none of my girlfriends would even think about finding a guy online. Too many "freaks" out there and weirdos. Not to mention here in MA, the guy that got arrested for meeting someone from craigslist and then killed her. So that is just too scary.

@msslowNsteady Okay, I've done some digging around and it turns out that this is actually a pretty good place to pick up girls/guys.... <br />
Maybe Ayaz wasn't as naive as we thought!

Lol, I understand his situation though. Not long ago, I myself was a excited teenager scouring the interwebs for my soulmate...and I found her, lol.<br />
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But back to the topic, msslowNsteady, what you're doing is terrific. And I've learned that all it takes for a cause to succeed is getting the right person interested in it. Imagine the groundbreaking cures and treatments in medical history, usually one or a few group of people have been responsible.

you guys are so funny. Poor Ayaz. Maybe he didn't understand the language enough to understand what kind of forum he was in? I hope he found himself a better forum to find himself a girl. lol

Or craigslist, facebook, myspace, etc...

MssIowNsteady, <br />
Thank you for the kind words. Its interesting, he used to be an agnostic, but now his faith is A LOT stronger now. Every conversation we have, he ends it with, "keep me in your prayers." And I do.

ummm ayaz, maybe you should try a dating site?

Lovelyssm, I am glad your friend picked himself back up and continued with his schooling. MS is NOT fun to have, but its not a death sentence either. I'm glad he was able to get inspired by the book he read. I hope and pray for him that he continues to do well.

Yes, but the point of the matter is there are other forums available for such pursuits. Actually, many he found this thread and decided to post there...I cannot say.

Thank you AllFor MS for sharing your story and doing all the great work you are trying to do to help us all that have this relentless disease. Kudos to you. I hope you aren't letting all the drama stress you out too much and send you into a flare. Keep your self healthy.

Also, the broken English isn't exactly a turn on....

Lol, his post did make me laugh.

Ayaz - I could be mistaken, but I think you are in the wrong group. This is a group to vote for MS as the featured Twit cause. Havy you done that yet? Do you have MS? Do you know someone that does? I don't honestly think you will have any luck finding a date here. Sorry

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That's such a great story! One of my best friends was diagnosed with MS recently. He told me this past summer amongst sobs and dry heaves. Have you ever seen a grown man cry? It's the most heartbreaking sight...<br />
But he has since realized that MS is not a death sentence. With careful and controlled management of his life, he's vowed to go to Law School and leave his mark on this world. He said reading the book, Tuesdays With Morrie, changed his life. And honestly, he's more alive and energetic than I've ever seen him before.

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis Dec. 16, 2008. It was a shock when we heard that it was MS and this sent my life spiraling. How was I going to tell my family that I had a "disease" that I had never heard about and that didn't have a cure. How was I going to explain this to my 3 small kids, ages 7, 5 and 2... My 2 oldest asked me what they could do to help and so we vowed as a family to do MS Walks (as long as I can physically walk) and do what we can to raise money and awareness to help do our part. My kids are loving helping raise money and they feel like they are doing something to help mommy feel better. Please vote and help this cause.