I Got Diagnosed In 2008

I got diagnosed last year. I was having a lot of health issues, headaches, vision problems, numbness on face and limbs. I finally gave up and went to the dr. She originally though I might have a brain tumer and did a CT scan and MRI/MRA. The MRI showed white matter and lesions so I was referred to a neurologist. It seemed like forever to undergo all the testing that needed to be done to rule out everything else. I had spinal tap, evoked potentials, 3 of them, loads of blood tests, eye exams, mri's with and without contrast. And finally the diagnosis was Multiple Sclerosis. I almost lost my eyesight completely and had to go on a 3 day steroid course and to this day I still have vision issues and get headaches daily. I suffer daily in pain and tylenol, and pain killers don't work to take the pain away. Please if you have MS or know someone that does, please vote. We need to spread awareness and hope that there will some day be a cure.

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lovely - I do agree that not ALL are bad and "corrupt" (for lack of a better word) but the majority I believe are. There are good honest ones out there, but the bad far out weigh the good. I used to work for a pharmacutical company, in the clean room. I filled IV bags with meds and diluent that get shipped to hospitals. I know its not the same, but their philosophy was the faster you work the more money we make. This was the only company that didn't care of the amount of OT the staff got. They made a lot of money so I can just imagine what the other aspects of the pharma world are doing.

@allforms Haha, I know a lot about Pharm companies. I have several friends and family relatives who work for one. And I know the bureaucracy that's stifling groundbreaking research. I am ashamed to say that I was able to take a 10 day trip to Hawaii on a pharm company's dime. They were attempting to recruit my brother (specializes in neurology and radiology), and I tagged along. <br />
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However, while the top executives might be after profits only, there are many doctors and researches that work there who believe in what they do. Not all is rotten in the state of Denmark!

The one I referred to is an undergraduate program, as in a major. They do have Masters and PhD's as well. If you already have your BS degree you could take a Biochemistry course and start working at your local university/college. Whatever you're comfortable with. You could also try and getting in touch with researchers at the NIH, see which ones are working on MS and look at what they're doing. Even something as simple as looking up papers on Google Scholar can get you started. <br />
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And there are many different angles you can approach MS research. MS is an auto-immune disease and there are many theories why Auto-immune disorders are so much more common today than they were a century ago. What do you think is the reason?

Lovely - i also agree that there needs to be more research. I think the pharma companies need to stay out of it because as long as they are making as much money as they are on the meds to treat the individual symptoms, there will never be a cure. Google it and you will be surprised at how much they are making on us MS'ers, they will stand to lose WAY to much money if there were a cure. Sad but I believe its true.

msslownsteady - I agree, I would LOVE to see a cure sometime soon.

I have wanted to go into some sort of research field, but I worry of my cog fog and if I would be able to complete my degree. What is the requirement for a neuro science degree? Do they have like a 2 year degree, or would you need like a masters or phd or something? I keep going back and forth on if I think I would be able to handle the schooling but I'm still young and want to do more along the research lines than just raising funds. Hope that makes sense.

Thank you, one of my friends who also graduated with a Neuroscience degree is getting his MD. I'm glad my school adopted a Neuroscience undergraduate program because there needs to be a lot more research in the field.<br />
My professors are very optimistic, they expect this next decade to be revolutionary when it comes to neuro research. A main reason for that is the large strides we've made in genetics. Since neuro-anatomy is so abstract, our genes will be instrumental in figuring out how exactly the brain works.

lovely, thank you as well for studing to the neuroscience field. I pray you are able to do what needs to be done for you to be successful at what ever area that you decide to go in. Good luck to you and your friends as well.

AllForMS - I've said it before and I will say it again. Thank you for all you are trying to accomplish. I'm just sorry you had to get this debilitating disease before you knew about MS in order to do something. I'm sorry any of us have to deal with this disease. We NEED to find a cure and I pray it is in my lifetime. Take care

Thank you for your story! I'm so sorry to hear what you had to endure. Raising money and awareness will go a long way towards funding a cure, but more importantly bringing attention to the cause. And it's working, I'll be working in the medical field soon and if there's something I can do to help MS research, I will.