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Macho Men Being Softened

I believe men should be softened up and feminized. They are too agressive now and this would help alot. I do not like macho men at all. A feminine man in a dress or skirt would be much better along with silky panties on underneath. Take away all masculinity in them and boys as well.
andreaneejustinfield andreaneejustinfield 41-45, T 22 Responses Sep 10, 2011

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It is a good wish. Unfortunately you cannot turn a man into a woman by putting a dress on him. You cannot Change a mind without breaking it. I know, 'cause I tried to be a man for 52 years, and my mind nearly broke. I have a female mind and a mostly male body.

Very well stated, "SkyLeigh54", had we had the luxury of the internet at a much younger age (I'm almost 73) and known that there were other strongly feminine males besides ourselves how different might our lives have been. I've often wondered what might have been in my life had my mom who did everything possible, she thought, for me to be born her daughter had discovered me wearing her silky lingerie and sleeping in her discarded satin nightgowns. All my baby photos have me in the satin gowns and dresses she had everyone gift to her because she was so sure I'd be born a girl. I wore these silky satin girly things until I started school. This upbringing has often had me wondering if that is where my total devotion to wearing satin comes from! Your comment has made me think back and wonder if the reason I was bullied in elementary school was because I wasn't good at "male" sports but was a wiz at "jacks", "hopscotch" and most wonderfully "playing house" and "doctor / nurse" with the girl next door after she'd spied me through our bedroom windows dressed in mom's wedding gown!!! (I've posted more about this in other replies here on EP!)

I agree with you -- if men wore dresses, panties, and tights there would be much less aggression and violence.

I totally agree you on this, feminin woMEN are much better

I resent the fact that without having met me you automatically assume I am what ails the world simply because I have an outie.

Not every man belongs to you. Find one that will agree with you and have at it. Start acting like you own me and you will find out just how aggresive I can be.

what are you talking about be more precis please

When iam dressed as sissy i lose almost all of my agressive male behaviour.<br />
Iam easy to control by my wife.

Berta, I'm going to have to agree with you. I have no idea what PineappleIII is trying to say. Thanks for your post - I thought maybe I was coming down with alzheimers!

LOL, Angie60

The truth is that pleasure ties humans to the wolrd... There's no other reason to live but pleasure, we might as well all just die then that the world would be finally in peace... These "feminized" men are nothing but very naughty, the ultimate sexual pleasure is to become what you think is "sexy"... And the more "wrong" it feels, the naughtier it feels and because of that a greater sexual pleasure is achieved... <br />
Sexual pleasure exists within children as well... I know that because I was once a child, a very horny one... No nurture beats the nature of sex (if it did Goodbye gays but as you can see gay people exist and most were teached to be straight), what happens is a more complex game, a sexual game... You think that children are computers waiting for an imput... But that's not true they're not passive like that, they're alive... And such as living beings they're able to see other living beings and learn from anything around them... They can feel... They can hate... They can love... They can enjoy... (Emotions can't be teached, children only learn how to express themselves... If a human has no emotion, then this heartless person will never have a heart...) These "feminized" boys who start to like the thing actually have a reason tied to sexual pleasure to like such... This whole "aggressive behaviour" excuse is just bogus... I know that the mothers who feminize their sons, do so because they: 1 (Hate males) 2 ( think that females look better, are prettier and sexier) 3 (feels horny when doing "wrong" things) 4 ( prefer females over males because of some kind of sick pride) 5 (all of the above) 6 (It's because of something even more bizarre)... So basically it's not only nurture... It's about developing a "early sexual fetish" on boys through manipulation... That fetish might develop into something more extreme over the years...

Not quite sure just what "PineappleIII" is trying to say or which philosophy is being bashed or promoted. Nothing that was written by PineappleIII applies to my situation in any way! A view of PineappleIII's profile says it all, nothing much there!

A good reason to feinize them I thing

I agree with Billy/Billie. There seems to be a sentiment in this thread that male is automatically bad and female is automatically good. There is good and bad in both genders, and engaging in male bashing is just bad manners. I'm a man and I enjoy being a man, but there is more to me than a narrow, binary notion of what a man is. As I have ventured down the road of crossdressing, what I'm finding is that I'm becoming increasingly androgynous. That is, the feminine characteristics of who I am, now that they can more freely come out, are gradually melding into my sense of "me." As a result, the femme is softening the male while the male is the protector of the femme. It isn't some kind of war between the genders, which some on this thread have suggested. It isn't a war for me at all - it's a combining of the best of both (at least hopefully.) Just a little food for thought. Angie

Very well stated, Angie60!

Just check out inthe real world who is most at risk to do violant's the males, I think that although testorone was a must back and it did create the society we live in and back then being a feminin male or women was almost seen as sin (hat was fem bashing and it was seen as ok). Maybe now it's time to move on and go even further that what the partiarcal society offered.

A little estrogen would probably calm there violence a bit at least, since the major difference between us 2 genders is the hormones that trigger the mentality and the bodily difference.

Case in point: at school girls are out preformig boys too. I'm ure that estrogens would help the boys two adopt the female learning skills, since that hormones effect also which side of the brain you us the most.

We going in a feminin society weather we women or you males like it or not. So now feminin is in and we see that all over the inter-net so many ex-males want to be like us females, in every sense of the word. if they had a magic wond they become totaly female even in there genes.

just like the Dinosours when out and a new species took it's place the same is having in our human society. but it will still stay a human society, only that the roles are reversing, women wear pants feMALES wear skirt and dresses etc....

The role are also reversing in couples more men stay home and more women take there place, where will that stop.... my guess from what I see on the net is when throle reversal will be total ans complete. ths includes breast feeding, It's hard to believe now like so many things were back then.


Sadly for your lack of compassion and understanding we are living with what God, my savior, gave us. I am a very active member of my Church and am not ashamed of that which I cannot change! Just as there are women who are far more masculine than feminine there are many of us males who have a much stronger feminine side than other males. It is a proven medical fact that this exists and has existed since the beginning of time. As I suggested in my reply to your previous comment, you really should do some research and realize what the medical profession has come to understand and accept; we cannot change that which we are. There are and always will be "macho" members of a gender as well strong "feminine" members of the male gender and strong "male" members of the feminine gender! Our situations have absolutely nothing to do with being "Gay", "Bi" or "Lesbian" either. It is known that a fair majority of crossdressers are very much married or single hetero persons!

i. agree but what'd in bible is true

what are u talking about

Tospecial then I agree with you we're going have a big job to have to feminized all of transgender people since GOD IKE you said gave them a feMALEs souls in a male body. so when do we at to work. It'S not GOD the problem because he gave them a female soul or spirit, It'S mothe nature who **** up and gave them a male bady.

Endoctrination will make you believe any thing

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I believe a male should be a male and a women a women be happy as what u were born as and be happy with what god gave u if he wanted u a women he would have made u one or vice verser i cant seem to understand why men want to dress as women t is so gayish and no i have nolthing against someone being gay or bi or lesbian but be the sex u r

What a shame that you have no clue about our situations. I suggest you do a little research before condemning that which you appear to have no understanding of.

I do have a clue and I know different situation I don't need research I have the bible and I font condemn anyone I font judge

your lost in your book, look out the window and look at real life

From a woman's perspective, it seems obvious that a large percentage of men are willing to become more feminine, it's just that they don't know what to do. If we provide them sufficient gentle and subtle guidance, I'm sure we can gradually create a more suitable male, one who is not so aggressive, competitive or self-centered. I'm sure that they would be more happy and content with the change in their lifestyles, as it seems to be by some of their actions they are crying out for acceptance because they realize that as traditional males they no longer fit in with most aspects of modern society. Having said all that, we need to find a system to help them, does anyone have any ideas?

have moms start putting their sons in dresses and skirts, playing with dolls instead of war videos or games. instill family values again and get rid of the I or me attitudes.

Excellent points, Melodie, all of which would, or should, work in the majority of cases, after all nurture, if handled properly, can greatly overcome nature. I firmly believe that an absolutely huge number of boy would be receptive to the this method and by the time they have grown they would have a whole different attitude than the average male. Our goal shouldn't be to make women out of them, but to make them better human beings, and if that means making them more feminine in every way, including clothing, etc., than so be it. The world would be a better place if every mother was to take this attitude. But it has to start with those mothers, males are just not mentally or emotionally stable enough to enact any change by themselves, even if they wan't it, and many do in fact want it.

Both of you make some great points but why on earth must we wait for a generational change for this to happen? I wish it would happen right now so I might better enjoy my closeted femininity with an accepting , helpful, sharing and supportive wife out in the open. She wants none of it as it stands now!

You seem to miss the point! The willingness of a man to be submissive is based upon variables that are unique to each individual. Not any woman could walk up to me and start pushing me around. There is one woman that I have met in my life that would stand any chance to feminize me and her and I have long since lost touch. I simply wouldn't trust anyone else and from reading these stories I am not moved to loosen that restriction. I don't want to lose myself and I don't want someone dictating to me who I will be for them.

It is you with the I/me mentality! You don't need to put boys in skirts to teach them family values! You don't need boys in skirts to teach them manners. And you don't need to put boys in skirts to teach them to be gentlemen. You want to justify your personal fantasy by dressing up your personal theology as if it is rational. IT ISN'T! These are people that you seek to brand as if they are cattle. And for the person who said hurry up so you can find someone to do the deed on you... JOIN THE CLUB! The world is looking for someone to love them... not just you.

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i agree with justin and everyone else completely

In this day of the "Gangsta" look by males and the music referring to females as ******* and ******, maybe it is time that the women become just the former. The power they wield by that triangular piece of flesh. They have the power and could easily dominate over the world of males.<br />
yet they still take the abuse. To be treated with total disrespect and as a slave to the male world.<br />
Women are making significant inroads by leading in College Graduates 3 to 1, They are taking over once dominated male jobs, including CEOs of major corporations. The males, to busy enwrapped around their own self importance, don';t even see it coming. Like future shock, soon the male will be the litttle housewife waiting at home for his dear to come home. His little boy will be going school in pretty dresses and playing with his dolls. This is not a fantasy, look at the number of boys in recent years now donning dresses and skirts and demanding to wear them to school and other functions.

Justin, my cyber friend, I just came across this story by you and feel you may be coming on too strong on the whole male gender. As you well know from all our other group & chat room involvements there are many, many of us who are already quite feminized even if not by a woman. I do agree that it would certainly be a great thing to do to all those macho males out there who think they're better than every other male and bully the life out of them to prove it. The mental picture I've formed many times in my adult life of those gangs of boys who bullied me in grade school wearing dresses provides me with some relief. One may ask why I have such thoughts and I'm glad to share with all who read this that not only does your life change as you age but so does you mind / memory. At 71 years of age now I find I have much better recollection of my childhood years than I do of what I did last week! Had my Mom feminized me as a toddler and sent me to school that way I would've probably been a lot happier as I wouldn't have had to endure the beatings I took if I appeared to be a girl instead of a wimpy shy boy! So I do indeed agree with your title of this story thread with the modification of adding "Macho" in front of it (Macho Men Being Softened).

I would love a woman to take me aside and show me how to be and act more feminine, I work in an all male environment and don't fit in with the male banter and bravado I would even say bullying etc. but female company is much more interesting and pleasant but I can never get true acceptance into the female clan, It takes a very special and understanding woman to help us men who feel this way about life and there role in society. If there is a woman out there please feminize me ;-)

I just adore wearing feminine clothes, not just at home, but out in the real world. As a woman I seem to be quite a reasonable and tolerant person, but, once put on masculine clothes and mix with 'lads', I become bad tempered, ill tempered and argumentative. Roll on some degree of male feminization!<br />
Then we might get some progress towards gender equality.

Justinfield has voiced an opinion that I've had for years. The world would absolutely be a better place if we brought up our boys to be feminine. The feminization should start as young as possible, bring them up exactly as you would a girl in every respect. i firmly believe that both males and females would live much happier lives if they had more in common and teaching the boys to be like girls is a good way to start. What exactly is wrong with boys acting and dressing like girls? I think it would be a great thing and only wish that my mother had brought me up as a girl. I've had to teach myself, with help from female friends, to be more feminine and how to properly speak, move and dress like a woman, but if I'd been started on the road to feminization at an early age it would have been much easier for me.

I concur with David's original comment as amended with Giggelets reply. I feel gender neutrality, without discrimination and unfair judgement, is a far better option.

This is where I stand as well. Gender neutrality and diversity. Neutrality in that a boy could dress in clothes of either gender without judgment and so could a girl. Diversity in that we would no longer have this binary of boy versus girl as far as clothes, jobs, behavior, etc.
I remember a story years ago of a high school boy who wanted to play field hockey. Well, in the USA, that is considered strictly a girl's sport. Based on legal concerns, the school said he could play, but he'd have to wear the girl's uniform, which consisted of a sweater and skirt. He agreed. And he got to play and had a successful season, although of course it made news and he got some criticism, but not from his female teammates. He wasn't wearing the skirt to be feminine, but because he wanted to play field hockey and that was the uniform. But if he had been uptight about "what boys wear and don't wear," he wouldn't have done it. But to him the skirt was just a uniform.

Equilty is a realy nice principal, but that just it a nice unworkable principal, There is always some one jst a little more equal than others and these get more in life then others.

So I guess, so many males want to be part of the future and feminizing themselves gives the an edge to be like us females.

i am in panties an in chastity i dont have penis anymore its lock away

My wife doesn't force me to dress as a woman, I do it just because I like wearing womens clothing and lingeie. 98% of my wardrobe is womens. I'm going shopping later this week dresses as a woman. I'm also going to get my ears peirced to. I've wanted to do that for a while now.

This is the way it should be in the Future. Women Need to take our Masculinity away...starting with the young boys and then the men. Eventually all of us men should be in a Docile position in relevanvce to women and girls!

I think so too...