My Story

As a male child growing up in a feminist household, I was forcibly emasculated.

This involved forced crossdressing, humiliation and intense mental-emotional abuse.

Through school I was given HRT pills which caused hormonal imbalance.

At school I was always spaced out and described as a "daydreamer".

I became akward around women and was constantly picked on.

At 15 I grew breasts, and was pressured by my male peers into undertaking an intensive excercise regimen.

I became very fit and my feminine features hardened somewhat.

At university I became embroiled in drugs and it became clear that my sexual role was not traditional.

I quit my degree and moved to a local college to escape the drugs.

There I was to meet a beautiful woman who would attempt to cuckold me with a friend (the first of many).

I moved on.

After obtaining another degree at a different institution I stayed in a shared flat where I held, for a short time, a girlfriend and a job.

This fell away after I had my first psychotic episode which was caused by something I was told was LSD, but suspect may have been a large dose of mescalin.

I moved back home to try and recover.

Having regained some stability I managed to find a new job which I held for about a year before the pressure forced me to leave.

Shortly after this I began to experience clear recall of my childhood which caused another mental breakdown.

This time I was incarcerated for 4 months, before being made homeless for another 6.

During this time I would drink heavily and my health began to deteriorate.

I was eventually moved into a new flat and began to recover once more.

I was forced to leave this flat through the threat of violence from neighbours which caused serious anxiety on my part.

Once more I came "home" since all social contacts had fallen away.

Here I am today, struggling to decondition myself from this.

I believe that once I am de-hypnotised I will be able to rejoin society once again!
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Hello, I am a Bull, we can talk

wow. please , send me your pic at we should talk

I was provided a so called freckle remover that was so loaded with hormones that i acquired small pre-pubescent breasts. They did grow flatter as i became a teen though, so I have a small understanding of what your experience meant to you.


Incredible story of forced feminisation in this incredible world.<br />
I was raised in a family with 5 brothers.My mother loved me most because I was sick all the time.She gave me the female attention that helped me discover "my" femininity.<br />
I am 60 now and I still dress everyday.I love nylons and walk great in heels.<br />
I love both men and women and my stable sex drive has served me well.<br />
If you need to chat please drop by.<br />
Louise CD<br />

Like the previous poster, I would also like to extend my thanks for sharing what is doubtless a very painful story to share. You are among friends here, so stop by often and learn of others. There is not and can never be any sort of explaination for child abuse and this is exactly what happened to you. My best wishes for you and my prayers for your every success. You've gone through the hard part now, build upon the knowledge you have gained. The price was high, but the rewards may be even greater, if you seek it.