The Joy Of Estrogen

At about 40. I started a program of hormone therapy with help from a psychologist,to deal with a long suppressed reality in regard to my genetic sex. After only two months,it seemed that the world looked so different to me.and I felt so "at peace" with little testosterone,and lots of estrogen at work for my second puberty........a girls budding breasts,a shrunken tiny penis,testicals the size of almonds. My program was to realize some "modest" breast growth,not to transition with surgery.
After 18 months, the results were obvious through my t-shirts.........bouncy breasts,and for some nipples became very long, as though ready to breast feed a baby. People said my face looked different , I could tell my butt was filling in...I needed new jeans and baggy shirts to continue as a man . Hormones are powerful,and can cause problems , I had to stop.
Now,years later,I have to wear a shirt swimming......I have boobs ! genitals are back to "man-size".................but I can still feel so very feminine at times....and soooo natural !

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1 Response Jan 16, 2013

Although I have never had a problem with hormones ever since I started, you are right they are poweful and can cause problems. They have changed my total body chemistry to female and I absolutley love what they've done and I too got the feeling of 'piece' that you talked about within a couple months too.