Mellisa Is Free

I everybody,

I have always had a strong femine side. Enjoyed the company of woman, had more things in common. Like they understood me and I felt safe with them.
When I was a boy age 13 14, all the other guys got muscle hairy and a full size penis.
My penis was the same as when i was 10. They started making fun of me, I felt ashamed. Growing up I always felt like a boy, never be a man. In my confusion I wondered if I was gay. 2 encounters and I was fully convinced that i was not. I liked women but with my little boy penis that only had peach fuzz, I was so afraid. None ever laughed at me, but I could not please them.
When I was about 17 I saw a pait os shiny red panties on a clothes line, I don't know what prompted me but i took them. That was the beginning. Years of ocassionally expressing my femine side, Her name is Melissa, It was wonderful, I felt alive, free , beautiful, so natural. Not an erotic fetish but a true expression of a major part of who Billy is. Then Billy would force Melissa to hide in darkness. He was ashamed of her and himself.Back and forth, poor Melissa would be set free then condemned.
The Plan; Billy needs to be taught to submit, obey,and be kind to Mellisa.
I want kind but authoritative femine direction. Femininization of Billy will make him obedient, more compatible Melissa needs feminization too.

Melissa is just like a girl becoming a woman.Mellisa needs a sister who will guide her into greater feminity. To encourage her, compliment her, TO FEMINIZE HER.

I'd like to meet a female but if your male and can play the psrt...Help melissa. :-)

MelodyHarris MelodyHarris
Jan 18, 2013