I finally went for it and shaved my legs and they feel awesome! I never imagined that the physical sensation would feel so good. The cool air on them and just the way they look really pleases me. I also shaved my feet and my toenail polish looks all the better for it. I wish I could just go outside and show off my good taste to the world but, alas, my wife would be too embarrassed if I did that. If I were in my twenties or thirties and not yet married, I would live quite differently than I do now. I would look for a woman who wants their guy to be another woman. Today, this seems possible, but back then, not so much.
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I love the feel of having my legs shaven, so does the misses.

It's a wonderful feeling being shaved, and you should be able to go outside in shorts to show off your legs. But unfortunately the nail polish on your toes might not be accepted. I use to do my toes and instead of a color polish would put on clear so they were nice and shiny but no one was sure if it was polish. Do you shave your armpits?

I do.

I found shaving my armpits made me feel more girly, I know lots of guys who shave their legs. But few shave their armpits. I'm sure you look cute ;)

You are very lucky to be so hairless

Now the winter is coming I can start to shave my legs again! I think this is why I love winter!

Did you try nylons with those shaved legs?Just put on lotion,let dry a little and try nylons.The sensation is incredible.
Louise CD

That is where I am very lucky, my legs never grew hair so they are all ways baby smooth and do love the look, feel and sensation when dressed