I love and adore my wife, and we have been in public with my fingernails painted, but she doesn't want me to go out in women's clothing. I only own a black cami top, and only wear it when I'm home alone. That, and some brown khaki shorts with folded up legs which look sexy that way. She is about my height, but her clothes and shoes would be too tight on me. She has so much fun in life because women have pretty clothes and nurturing friendships. I think she appreciates that I am not overly masculine, but she's not ready for me to look womanly.
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I am glad you can have times like this with your wife! I am deep in the closet and I think I am staying there!

Have you ever worn your black cami top when you wife is around? No doubt she appreciates your fem side, but now she sees it and that the fem is an integral part of who you are.

I wore it the first day around her but she wasn't exactly thrilled. I am making headway, though. I asked her if I could have her old clothes so that I will have a better wardrobe and she gave me some. Now I have my own skirt and some blouses and she knows that I intend to do this at home all the time. And I bought lipstick and eye shadow too. I'm in heaven.

Good for you dear, but give it time and encourage her, but don't push the envelope. It sounds like your wife, as she gets used to the idea of seeing you dressed and the good things it will bring out in her, will find it positive and maybe even start encouraging you.

I put on my wife's skinny jeans today and they are actually a perfect fit. I'm feeling quite attractive in them.

You should talk to her about this. Don't let her stifle you! Be who you are :)