Decided that I'm finally gonna do it!

I recently mustered up the courage to decide and plan to shop for my first panties. Having done some research, I think it might work out more for me to buy them in a store in person, because it would be cheaper and faster to do so. I've also looked into different styles and brands that I might be interested in and think I have a good idea of what I want. I'm glad that I'm taking this first experience and am very excited to go out and do it.

However, the only problem I'm having is figuring out the proper size. I'm 5'8", weigh approximately 140 lbs., wear a size 29-waist pants, and have a hip measurement of (I think) 35-36". So simple question for those who may be a bit more experienced: Do I determine proper size by waist line or hip? After digging deeper I think I may be around a size 6 or 7, but I'm afraid of buying too many pairs that may be either too big or tight. Has anyone else encountered this problem before?
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it took a few tries for me to get right. eventually you will figure it out. BTW, Victoria secret is the best.

Yeah, a size 5 sounds right. Most people in the stores make their assumptions you're shopping for a woman - its not big deal. I just don't correct them. I have lucked out occasionally at thrift stores as well- but you gotta root through bins to find stuff so it's hit or miss.

I wear waist size 32 to 34 pants and size 5 or medium panties fit me well. Sounds like you have bigger hips though. I prefer bikinis in a stretchy material. Also check the width in the crotch- some panties are too narrow for the extra stuff we men carry around to fit comfortably!

Hope you enjoy your panties- I wear them 24/7, and often wear pantyhose as well. Shopping for panties is no problem at most stores. Tell them they are for you if asked- they all know anyway!

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hello, nice of you to ask.

Be careful of lace, if the holes are too big in the lace your scrotum will bleed through and become uncomfortable.

Try out a pair by waist size. I live in the UK, I am a cross-dresser. I am 32 waist i wear size 12/14 (UK size) panties. Hope this is helpful. Hugs Debbie

I have a 29 waist too. I wear size 7 panties. I would say a size 6 is too small. 7 or 8's will be fine.


Go to the store you want to shop at about the time they open or about half hour before closing. Let the sales assistant know what you are looking for and the things are for yourself, but you are unsure of your sizing. If she is professional, she will measure you and help you with your shopping. If it is not busy you should be abe to try things on and she will be happy to assist you. I would suggest calling in advance and making an appointment with the manager to come in some evening just before closing. When she closes, you will have the store to yourself and the workers. I do recommend that you relieve yourself before going. Wear a pair of your own panties if you have any, if not you will need to buy the first pair that you try on, and then keep them on while trying on other items. Most managers are well aware of all of us pantie boys and are more than happy to assist us. We spend more per person for panties and lingerie than the average female, after all they have been wearing this since birth and don't need as much, plus WE can never seem to have enough!!!! Let us know how your shopping trip goes. Make it a fun event, just don't expect anything sexual to happen.

Thanks for the tips! These will be my first pairs. I'm really not expecting much sex from this; I want them for comfort wear not fetishes.

6 would be a good start. Its easy enough to grab a multi pack at a big box store likes Sams, Costco added to your order, even places like Target etc are just busy scanning, they could care less what you buy. AMAZON is a good safe place as well.