I TOTALLY support Ashya King's parents in their fight to get the best treatment for their son. 

 They were told by doctors in a UK hospital that Ashya would die in 4 months. That may be a definite possibility but it cannot be a certainty and from all I have read and understand about Ashya's condition his parents have every right to try and obtain treatment that the UK would not provide.

Currently Ashya lies alone in a Spanish hospital, his parents are in jail, six siblings are in Spain unable to visit their brother and his grandmother is beside herself in UK - having had her home ransacked by UK police.

I pray that the Spanish authorities have compassion and good sense and that Ashya's parents are freed to be his side and continue their fight for his treatement. 

I have just read that a centre in the Czech Republic ,which offers proton therapy, has offered to help Ashya if his doctors in Britain agree .. that would be amazing.

UPDATE 26/09/2014 - Miracles happen!

The NHS has agreed to fund five-year-old brain tumour patient Ashya King's treatment in the Czech Republic.
His parents sparked an international police hunt when they removed their son from Southampton General Hospital on August 28 without medical consent.
They took him to Prague to receive proton beam therapy which was not available for him on the NHS.
A spokesman for NHS England said: " Our thoughts are with Ashya and his family as he begins follow-on radiotherapy.
"Now that Ashya is in Prague, it is clearly best that Ashya continues to be treated uninterrupted so the NHS has agreed to fund this care, as requested by his parents, in accordance with relevant European cross-border arrangements.
"We all join in wishing him well, and greatly hope he makes a full and successful recovery."
Brett and Naghemeh King faced a legal battle to get their child to Prague's Proton Therapy Centre (PTC) after removing Ashya from hospital, with a High Court judge approving the move after they had been released from police custody in Spain.
The PTC, in a statement on its website, outlined the difference between proton beam therapy and conventional radiotherapy.
It said: ''Proton therapy can be much better modulated and precisely focused into the tumour volume. In case of irradiation of medulloblastoma in Ashya, it is necessary to apply the highest possible dose into the former location but protect the tissue around as much as possible.
''In Ashya's case, those are vital structures of the heart, lung, liver and intestines.''
Proton therapy would decrease the dose to other parts of the body, including the heart, liver and intestines and trachea by up to 80%, the PTC said.
''This means decreasing the risk of developing cardiovascular disorders, breathing disorders or metabolic disorders on the first place and better protection of the swallowing functions and normal food intake,'' the statement added .

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I saw this post yesterday. I looked up the story as over here it sadly seems not to be news....I am so happy to hear this mess is cleaning itself up. Prayers for the child and all involved. Peace to you for the post and drawing attention to the plight.

Looks like the parents will be released today and it s possible the proton beam treatment may be funded.
I think that this case has done a lot of good in bringing so much debate over choice of treatments.

BUT I would just like to add into the mix that the UK hospital operated on Ashya's brain tumour and I am quite sure that they did an excellent job with that.

Tragic story. Any parents would have done the same. :(

I am really upset and angry for a whole TON of reasons:(

I can imagine. :(