If I Were American

 to me barack seems the most genuine and he is a democrat which is who i would support as a party in the states
claracluck claracluck
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3 Responses Feb 25, 2008

Glad you can't vote here.

I agree with you, Clara. He is the most genuine of the candidates and hasn't missed a step in his campaign OR looked to ruin the reputation of fellow candidates based on falsified info (I'm looking at YOU hillary :@). I hope he gets elected, for the good of North America...

Yes he does, but charisma means nothing. I'm sure that you've heard people say they felt like Georgie was the type of guy they could sit down and have a beer with. Has that helped this country?<br />
I think everyone you research the candidates. Find out what they stand for.<br />
We can not help what voice, eyes, or face we are born with. I say this because I've heard people say he "looks" like a sincere man. (I'm not saying he isn't)<br />
All I am saying really is.....Do Your Research People!