To tell you the truth I really do not keep up with everything that is going on in the world but what I have learn is the president really does not have the power like we thought he should, why I say that is because it comes from our government then our president, I read a lot of stories on here and people are putting down the man that runs the US then putting down our government they are the ones that are making it hard on us because of all their fighting and nothing is getting done to really help us out sure the president has made little mistakes but if you remember NOT one president has help us 100% and did everything right and made zero mistakes,
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Wow… Please do yourself a favor and start paying attention to what's happening. I admit, when I was your age I didn't pay much attention either, but we didn't have the problems or the debt we have now. Not all… But some younger people believe raising taxes will solve our problems. That won't even come close to solving our problems. I'll save the political lecture... I just pray that your generation will see what's really happening and will work together to help solve our nation's problems. If we keep spending this way I fear that your generation will be caught with a mountain of dept that you'll never be able to pay back. Merry Christmas!

me too!

Obama has definitely done a good job which I think people don't appreciate. They expect him to have fixed the economy by now which was not at all possible.

I'm glad Mitt Romney picked that guy for VP because he sounds like he's pretty Right Wing so hopefully that will put a lot of voters off.

Thank God the President, "...does not have the power like we thought he should..." If he did we would be under a dictatorship, under any President. Ever heard of Hugo Chávez? If the president had anymore power that what he has, we would be living closer to a dictatorship. Why? Because the President would do things HE thinks we should be doing.

For instance, Obama feels that small business owners do not contribute or give back enough to society. If Obama had more power he could order that all business people give 25% of their earnings to charity. Well, charity may not be enough. They could squander the money or spend it in ways that Obama doesn't believe in, so he should be able to just take it and have the government do the, "right thing with it".

This is why we have checks and balances. This is why some people believe in our Constitution. Remember, the Constitution does not grant us our freedoms, it was crafted to protect our freedoms. Freedoms that are eroding every day because our leaders, both Democrats and Republicans a like believe single handedly that their beliefs should be everyones beliefs.

It is too easy to simply force people to do what YOU want them to do as a leader using the power of the government to do so. It is much harder, yet more creative and meaningful to find other ways working with in the confines of the Constitution and not infringe in anyway a citizens freedom to pursue their life the way they see fit, as long as they are not infringing on other peoples basic freedoms.

I think you are very right.

No man on this earth

is able to make

zero mistakes.

Also Obama does mistakes.

I read about the U.S.

but from Germany

in german.

What Republicans

and Democrats

are fighting there is annoying.

The NRA is inside, too.

The Wall Street, the big money

which just wants to get bigger

and bigger bank accounts

is also not helping the country.

And if anything wents wrong

the whole country

blames the president

for it.

This is all child's play,

between humans.

Between adult humans.

No serious problems

get solved.

If people

are occupied

with themselves

they get overrun

by others

who learned to solve

their social human-to-human-problems.

Not overrun with an army,

this is nowadays ridiculous.

But overrun with better ideas,

better products,

better culture,

better life.

In the end everbody

may ask him- or herself:

Did I really use my time?

Or did I waste it with fighting?

It really is important to keep up with politics once you're old enough to vote. This year I'll be voting for the first time so I've made sure to learn as much solid information surrounding the government and current events. You don't necessarily have to watch every debate but at least do enough research to form an educated opinion before passing any judgement, good or bad. I've been keeping up with the runnings and events since the last election... I still stand by Obama. I don't agree with every single one of his standpoints but there will never be a "perfect" president for everyone equally. Though I support Obama wholeheartedly, many clearly disagree with what I think. But the reason we have elections is for all people to express their individual opinion so we can reach a common goal.

my mom is not to please at all with some of the people that are running so she is going for Obama, i know who ever going to be president next he or she would have people against them just like Obama has nothing is going to change over night that is for sure it is going to take years before anything really changes

Sweetie... I agree that not every president has done everything right. But this man has done everything WRONG. I realize you do not understand things like the feredal budget and deficits and finance, but this man has set policies in place that aount to TRILLIONS of dollars in debt. There in not enough money coming in to pay for it all. Imagine your parents on their limited budget going out and buying a Rolls Royce and a mansion in Beverley Hills on a credit card. Can they pay for it? Of course not. It's the exact same thing.

Bush started two wars he did not pay for, reduced taxes in war time, started No Child Left Behind, did not pay for it, began the Medicare Prescription program with no way to pay for it..then bailed out the banks when they were about to go belly up and left Obama with the worse economy since the great Depression....Obama bailed out the auto industry...HUGE success. he began a stimulus program which has helped to keep this country afloat while the private sector trembled in their boots, afraid to dip their toes outside in the storm......We have four spanking brand new businesses opening in my town. We haven't seen that in twenty years..... and a new drawbridge being built with federal highway funds. That bridge was very badly needed and will help to get trucks in and out again.....Obama all the way!