Febreruary 10, 2007

That day I began to believe in Barack Obama, that day after I hear his message on TV I was very happy because I love what he said, now that I see that he stand for what he promise I really like him more, I only hope he can make it, I will try to support the most that I can but politics are nasty and thats the reason we have the guy that we have now, but well   the audacity of hope is on his way, LETS HOPE AND HELP MAKE IT HAPPEND!



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He has inspired a lot of people who are jaded with politics. Let's hope he makes it - I see a huge increase in inspiration and involvement.

Who actually thinks we are winning anything in either Iraq or Afganastan? and Who thinks there is anything even remotely like democracy functioning in Iraq? Bush through his arrogance and ignorance thoroughly devistated Iraq, was it a utopia no, was it a society oppressed by a despotic dictator yes, but again History, we gave Sadam his power. we made that mess. Just like we are still empowering General Musharif to double cross us. Renn you should sign up for a course in the history of failed and misguided american world policy.


it's alright caska, not everyone is as well informed as i am.

wow, that could even belong in the "i support bush" group... despite the fact that he's been stealing my civil rights and he managed to NOT follow the rules of the Lincoln/Douglass debate format during the election debates. <br />
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sorry,the sarcasm fell out there.<br />
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I support Obama is all

i actually think i did, but your talking out of your *** when you say i copied it from mr. o'reily. i believe the first paragrapgh was actually facts from a guest on glenn beck, the rest of it was my own words.<br />
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and i know they are accurate considering it is all i do for 40 hours a week.

no i actually didn't take that from o'reilly considering he doesn't voice his views. it is actually from debates i've had in my political science class, they are my notes becuase im a conservative, and we had to debate which president we felt is the better candidate.

LOL anotherhuman, Although I have watched Bill... On Obama renn, I fear you are correct..and I fear it because I think he may win, Hillary is doing herself in...

anyone who votes for obama is cleraly un-educated when it comes to policies, yes his speeches are good, unless you actually hear what he is saying.<br />
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he’s going to raise taxes through the roof, especially if the evidence comes to over $200,000. of course, those are the people who are the wealth producers and the job creators. two thirds of the people, these rich people that he continues to say have to pay more taxes, those are the small businessmen in America. those are the people who create the jobs. he is going to get rid of the cap on the Social Security tax. right now you pay Social Security tax on income up to $97,000 (or 97,500 w/e). he would say get rid of that cap. so that’s an additional 12% tax that you’d pay. so your marginal tax rate is going to go up to above 50%!!!!!! we haven’t seen tax rates like that in this country since the 1970s. when FDR first instituted Social Security, the first tax was 1% on the employer, 1% on the employee on the first $4,000 of income. today it’s a 15% tax and it’s on income up to $100,000 and Obama would just get rid of it. he will essentially transform Social Security (which is supposed to be an insurance program, a retirement pension program) into just a welfare program. i think we all know we have enough of those. with all this, those living in high income tax areas such as California, New Jersey, New York, the combined tax increase could rise to nearly 60%!!!! he also wants to help out american businesses but there are now 20 countries in the world that have flat taxes of less than 25%. how are American companies and businesses going to be able to compete when they have tax burdens that are twice as high as the companies we’re competing against. its nuts to say the least. add all of this with foreclosure plans and national healthcare, we are simply screwed.<br />
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now for the things i left out including amnesty for illegals and is willing to give them licenses, ridicoulus universal healthcare which will cost the taxpayers a fortune paying for illegals, bums and unemployed people(not to mention a similar healthcare plan just failed in california becuase they went bankrupt and that was just one city), his 10 billion dollar plan to help people who purchased homes they couldn’t afford (i don’t feel like paying for idots who bought homes they can’t afford, i guess i should of bought a home way to big and expensive so obama and taxpayers can pay for it), and he’s idiotic plan to withdrawal immediatley. has everyone forgotten 9-11 when 3000 americans were killed or comments made by the terrorists saying they want to harm and kill americans. what about their execution tapes of innocent people. ending the war now would be dumb as hell especially for what we have sacrificed and how far we have come (killing sadaam and replacing their government with a DEMOCRACY). he has no concept of what is really going on in the world and the true danger we face in iraq and other terror based places. not to mention he is by far the least experienced candidate running, he’s only been a senator for 2 years. it’s time to do your homework voters, make the right choice and don’t vote obama and for the end of the united states of america.<br />
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im sick of all these bush haters. he may not be the best president but he really hasn’t done that bad of a job despite facing what no other president has faced. look at what he has done,<br />
saddam hussein is removed from this world, his two murderous sons are dead. all but a handful of the regime’s senior members were killed or captured. he has successfully (and yes succesfully) executed two wars in the aftermath of 9-11, afghanistan and iraq. 50 million people who had lived under tyrannical regimes now FREE. Bush has cut off much of the terrorists’ funding, and captured or killed many key leaders of the al qaeda network. he has even rewarded our troops. he pushed through THREE raises for our military. increased military pay by more than $1 billion a year. and for you liberals, bush has started withdrawing our troops from bosnia, and has announced withdrawal of our troops from germany and the korean DMZ. <br />
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and all his accomplishments aren’t just war related. he has signed two income tax cuts, one of which was the largest dollar-value tax cut in world history (but i guess if your a dem. that would be a bad thing). he’s turned around an inherited economy that was in recession, and deeply shocked as a result of the 9-11 attacks, he’s increased small business incentives to expand and to hire new people and signed the no child left behind act, delivering the most dramatic education reforms in generations (challenging the soft bigotry of low expectations). this act has helped students all over the nation, test scores have increased pretty dramatically in reading, writing and especially in mathematics. all you people can put him down all you want, but you have to agree this is one hard working, truly inspirational man, who I am so proud to call my president! he does what he thinks is best for the country, no one can claim that he truly doesn’t love america (unlike obama and his wife). <br />
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lets do some homework people.

I think this country is ready for a black president!

I'm not a U.S. citizen but I remember the first time I heard Mr. Obama speak and I remember being so happy with his fresh, honest approach to politics. After hearing him speak just once I became a follower of his. I certainly hope he becomes the next President, what a refreshing change it will be from George W. Bush, who I admit I have no respect for.