Please Allow Me to Vote For Who I Want

Today a member from this site decided to contact me in a private email telling that Barack Obama was just the same as any other person who had run on a change platform, and isn't really about change.  And as much as I am for people to be free to have their own opinions, I really don't appreciate someone contacting me to telling why they don't like who I am voting for. I kind of pissed me off because I didn't go on the other groups, I support Hilary or John blogs and blast them nor did I contact anyone by email to tell them why they are wrong.

So I am asking for myself if you see my opinion and you don't agree you are free to have your opinion but as far as trying to tell me why mine is not right...that is a mistake.  You can blog your feelings and those that care to read about them, will.

Have a Happy Day

Herly Herly
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6 Responses May 24, 2008

I don't understand racism. How can people ever think that they can judge a whole race? How about looking at the individual. Let's forget skin color and ancestry and look at the actions of the person. I don't want to be blamed for the KKK, and I can't take credit for the underground railroad. My ancestors were involved in ONE of those activities. I am ME and only responsible fo my attitudes and actions. This is also true of Barack Obama. If his political views represent yours, vote for him. If not, then don't.

I would like to say this, how often did you hear about any of the sermons in this church prior to the elections? How much did anyone care who was talking in this church or what they were saying? Not until people were investagating Obama did it matter. Have you seen anyone taping Clintons Church? Oh wait I don't even know if she belongs to a Church nor do I care. And John McCain was actively looking for the indorsement from a man who called another religion the great *****. Lets not split hairs...I am sorry that you feel your race has been constantly savaged by "his" church. But I can probably safely say many people in that church have been savaged by your race a lot longer to the point of in certain circumstances death of family or friends. Should I blame every white person because they are white and assume they feel the same way about blacks. I thought there was a separation of church and state? I am not interested in Obama's religous views, I am interested if he is willing to end the war, if he can get the economy on track...maybe not so many people losing their homes. And also lastly he is also part of the race that you claim his church is savaging.<br />
This only my opinion....and my vote<br />
<br />
My answer don't vote for him

i'm dying to know who would do that?!!! i wanna know who to avoid!

I had the same happen to me and replied ... then I was blocked from commenting on that person's story ... so I commented on another story in same group and then also expressed my view ... the same one I was blocked from. Then I bloced the person who blocked me ... ha ha ha LMAO

you have to be joking... no, let me rephrase that - you had better be joking. i hope you told them where to get off (in private)!!!

True that. If they wanted to disagree, they should have commented on your story instead of sending a private e-mail. Odd that they chose to do that.