Mitt Romney- The Wrong Man For Our Time

Conservatives love to equate "freedom" with the freedom to accrue as much wealth as humanly possible....but .there are other values.  There are greater values.  Bain Capital wrung the wealth out of whatever they touched, and if that pressure killed what they touched....that destruction was never considered a negative factor in their business model.... in fact, it was a plus.   Bankruptcy excused them from liabilities.....Really, think about the vacuous morality needed for these masters of the universe to be able to sleep at night....I'll take a community organizer over a successful vulture capitalist like Mitt Romney any and every darn day of the week and for the next four years!.  Vote Obama.  

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Romney invested in failing companies, and yes some of them went bankrupt but without Bain Capital they all would have failed. Those companies were in deep trouble long before Bain Capital came along.

I don't know the specifics of any of these companies finances and neither do you....but his business made it a practice to load these companies up with debt and extract huge fees, no matter the eventual outcome....he's slimy. He should release his tax returns for the last ten years....Obama has most of his wealth in treasury bonds, an extremely patriotic thing to do. I'll bet you dollars for doughnuts that Romney's wealth is either in off shore accounts or special interest deferred accounts in his kids names, the young lords of the manor born.

OK, I know your mind is made up , you don't want to be confused by the facts, Everything dies in time , it's true of businesses as well as people. I personally am glad there were some rich people around to hire me and sign my paycheck, the fact is that my retirement checks come from the Koch brothers. Bet you hate them too.

And my mind is decidely not conservative so yeah....this exchange is futile....You and Twyla go in good health and may the best man win.

" people around to sign my paycheck" oh, you mean the job creators. Maple, the "rich" and when I say "rich" I mean the people who control the vast majority of the wealth in America, have figured out that they don't need labor in order to amass more and greater wealth. Hold onto that job of yours with both fists. Because if they offer you less money with the next contract, or no benefits, oh well, they have you over a barrell, better accept it. There are fifty twenty somethings drooling to take your position And I don't hate anybody. I live near Wall St and have people in my life I love very much who have played in that playground for many years to their advantage. Its just that the game is rigged and society at large needs to reign in the "masters" the one percent, with more strident financial oversight in order to balance the scale of power and influence and reorder our priorities. Maple, I am not the sort of person who needs to hate somebody in order to be motivated to care about political issues

LOL hold onto my job! I retired 11 years ago. good luck to you and just want to remind you that the rich people that controlled and administered my private retirement fund kept their word and the money has been there just like they promised unlike the democrat controlled government that spent every cent of SS tax they collected as soon as they got their greedy hands on it and now art trying to get out of honoring their comment to millions of people who paid into the system , ya good luck collecting that retirement check.

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If Romney wasn't compassionate, than why did Obama steal his signature healthcare policy - Romneycare - and put his name on it?<br />
<br />
If Romney is responsible for the job losses from the few closed factories with Bain, isn't Obama responsible for the 25% of workers between 25 and 54 who don't have jobs right now due to the loss of over 9 million jobs since he became President came into office?<br />
<br />
The problem with trying to paint Romney as evil over Bain Capital is that Obama took over $25 million last campaign cycle from Wall St big wigs who do what Bain did every day only in a much more ruthless manner. You can't complain about Bain and not ask how we had a huge financial meltdown without asking how none of Obama's big contributors wound up punished for it all.

Wow, your comment made me dizzy. Romney is compassionate because Obama adopted his healthcare plan...ok. I'll take your word for it. Obama is responsible for the Financial collapse of 'o8 and the subsequent unemployment just as Romaney is responsible for laying people off in his businesses. Obama took money from the money men so can't say anything about romney being a big bad money man it. Four more years!

LilAnnie - Romney created that plan and put it into place in Mass as governor. Obama wants to act like it's his plan, but the only part of it that actually is is the funding mechanism - which will get it tossed out soon byt he Supreme court. As for Obama and financial collapse, we could talk about that $500 milllion he took out of taxpayers pockets for Solyndra (or the $350 million he took out of our pockets for all the other energy investments - most all of them run by heavy campaign contributors - that went out of business.) and compare that to Romney putting money into businesses that was his to spend based on on willling investment from private citiizens, 401K plans and pension funds - and then talk about how he delivered handsome return on investment for those people who trusted him with the money. (Compared to Obama's long line of unkept promises.)

yeah, but why bother?

Sorry, that was rude...but the sentiment is spot on. We would be talking past each other in some kind of attempt to score points. Why? There is no score keeper keeping tabs, vote for your man, I'll vote for mine.

TwylaMarie your wasting your time, these people have closed their minds and don't want to hear the truth about their hero, you will never convince then even when you provide the facts. 0bama could walk up and stab them in the back and they would say thank you.

Maple, we people are progressive democrats. We want Obama to walk up to us with a super majority on his coat tails so we can cheer as they pass universal healthcare, stricter carbon emission regulations, more stringent pollution regulations, targeted infrastructure spending, better overseeing of the finance industry, increased investigations of medicare fraud, more equitable tax structure...the wish list is a long one

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Even without the commentary, the landscape of this video is so very sad. This is becoming the picture of many YourTown, USA.<br />
<br />
Obama may not have all the answers. But I know he's not the problem.

Thanks for posting this, Annie. I hope this video goes "viral."

I first saw it yesterday and there are less than 900 views on youtube....this needs to be widespread... I have to admit, the Tea Party spread their message much better than we do

Just shared it on Facebook.

Good idea. : )

Woo Hoo! : ) Watch out for blowback. We don't want to claim to be anti capitialism....but to be pro an economically healthy America

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