Do You Believe In Labels?

Ahhh labels. The names we give, have been given, and accept. Emo, Goth, scene, punk, preppy, you get the idea. Do you believe they are right? Here is my opinion. I think they can be apropraite under surtain surcumstances. I mean, if you wear dark clothing, and act depresssed, have dark or black hair, and listen to scremo, and paint your fingernail black, yeah, its freedom of expression. But you have to relize, you will get labeled. Believe me, I know from expierence. Don't gget upset when you get called emo goth or scene. Its life. People are cruel. And you "emo' kids, when you call other people "preps" your just as much a, hats the word, suspect? as much as you are a victim. So, here is some advice, people are always gonna be cruel, everyone is judgemental, get over the labels. It's just a name. 
- anonymousteen14
anonymousteen14 anonymousteen14
13-15, F
Jun 3, 2012