I voted for President Obama. I plan on doing so again. If the Republicans wanted me to vote for one of them they would have found a less hypocritical bunch than Bachmann, Palin, Trump, Gingrich, and especially Romney.

People who disagree with what I just typed: If you think President Obama is actually a Muslim, or a socialist, KEEP YOUR IDIOCY to yourselves.

P.S I seriously thought about voting for McCain in 2008. He should have gotten the nom in 2000. I'm convinced he would have been a better president than G.W. Bush and maybe even better than G. H. W. Bush. Gov. Palin was the dealbreaker in me voting for McCain.
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Despite Obama's flaws, in the end the least you can say is that he is not the wrong candidate. And, for a certainty, Romeny is the wrong candidate, promising to take us backwards toward the age that the U.S. founders, and all those that followed, fought against.

Four more years! Cast a vote for civility. Vote Obama.<br />
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Have you talked to a conservative since Healthcare was declared constitutional?. They're becoming unhinged and whipping each other up into an Obama hating frenzy. I'm afraid to even say anything contrary to their rants, if you do they look at you with such hate. Its scary.

I wonder if Cheif Justice Roberts received any hate mail because he committed the "Ultimate Sin" in the GOP's eyes, of thinking for himself, instead of blindly rubber stamping the Tea Party's agenda into law, like for example in the Citizens United case.

To answer your question, Maam, I have talked to several conservatives since Thursday, but none of them mentioned the case. :)

No mention? That's good! In the Supreme Court briefs explaining the decision, people are discerning that Robert's switched .He had written a decision claiming Healthcare unconstitutional.. The question is why did they leave evidence of his switch so obvious to discern? There are offices full of court clerks reviewing the documents,, they deliberaely kept in the evidence for his fllip. Very intriguing. I don't trust the guy as far as I can throw him. ...and also...