Stop the Smears!

I'm sure most of you know this by now, but for those of you who don't:

Ridiculous chain e-mails with the intent of smearing Barack Obama's reputation with false information have been circulating around the net- your grandma has probably sent you a couple.  It's all kinds of nonsense with no factual base or information that has been taken out of context.  For someone who is moderately educated about Barack's life, Islam and any of the other subjects that are warped in these emails, it is no problem dismissing them as false.

However, most people are not so familiar with the truth... that is why Barack's campaign launched  It's a website dedicated to disproving the false attacks.  So, if you're having questions about Barack, go to and get some education ;D

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It's Campaigning What do you expect. PEople are bound to talk ****!!!

I'm reminded of "Waking Life"..."you want the puppet on the left, or the puppet on the right?"

Seriously, support Obama, whom many have questions regarding his outlook on lower-class citizens, the race-card, the islamic card, the questionable way he treated his options and people under his tenancy, the fact that's he younger than typical and has not much history...<br />
<br />
Or support McCain? Maybe he's twisted a lil' from being a POW (no less respect for someone who survived that, just saying I don't want someone who was held by a country to have to do business with that country, it's just asking too much for him to NOT be somewhat biased); I've noticed he beams with as much nonsense speech as our current president..but he does so much more gracefully, I'll give him that. Then there's his age...not to beat on oldness, but damn! He can't be too far from the ever-present worry of losing his mind to old age...hate to see someone in such a seat of power accidentally end up taking a poop in it!

Either way, we're all f***ed regardless of who we choose. The thing is which one is gonna f*** us over worse?

That is funny....that is what I think about Obam....Go figure...

Well who the hell else is he going to support, McCain? F*** it, why don't we just hand the presidency over to a monkey (actual monkey, not racist crack), at least he'd do a better job than McCain.

ahaha! you actually made me laugh! lol

Like I will take someone who types in all caps/can't spell seriously.


Good post ... thanks ... Go Obama ... stamp out illiteracy ... go get the lawyers ...

really tired of seeing the same message.. over and over.. and over... AHHHHH.. LOL spam...