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So, the DNC was a couple of weeks ago, it's pretty much the home stretch and it's time to grind hard for Obama. I fully support Obama and what he has brought to the table so far. I know he could've accomplished more if he had more support from the right, but we all know that would never happen. I tired of the criticism, of course he isn't perfect and neither was the guy that preceded him.

The one insult that I can't seem to get over that ones that deemed him a "moron." The last time I checked, Obama has a very prestigious academic record, graduating from Colombia and Harvard Law School. He is very well educated, the color of your skin does not mean you aren't. Yes, I am bringing color into it b/c it's a matter of fact that it's deemed one of his negative points. And the people that have the nerve to critique someone's education, could never make it into Colombia nor Harvard.

It seems like Obama is never given the benefit of the doubt either. Decisions were made for 8 long years and it took this country in a direction that is incredibly hard to move away from. I'm not blaming one person, it was the choices of the administration that turned out to not be the best ones. There has to be some patience and more effort for this country to even be able to grasp at what we used to have. Putting in a repub administration that is built on lies and favors the 1% will not result in prosperity or a better nation. The last time I recalled America never had a hardcore class system, but that will definitely occur under a repub admin for the sheer fact that the path of upward mobility will be greatly diminished.

So....let's talk about ObamaCare. This is another reason that I support Barack Obama. I am currently considering going in a freelance career that doesn't provide me with healthcare and it means so much to me that I have the option of an affordable healthcare plan so that I will not go bankrupt in the case of a true medical emergency. Yet, I was astonished to see people rallying against this kind of reform. It's like these people would rather see millions die rather than have this bill pass. I thought that was dark. And let's restate for the case...once and for all, ObamaCare pulls 716billion from hospital corporations in order to fund the bill, not Medicare. Doing something like that just seems dumb, why pull money from one healthcare system to fund another? Which is why that is not what Obama did. Also this issue is important in my support of him b/c of what his mother went through. If she had access to an affordable health plan then she could have treated or even prevented the cancer that ultimately took her life.

So yeah, I support Barack Obama. I can't wait to vote. I can't wait to see him win. I can't wait to hear his victory speech. I know the next four years will ensure a better country for my future children.

Since, I'm in a mood to write, let's take a look at the other candidate: Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Romney: a leech of a businessman that drained and bankrupted companies, stock piled money in offshore accounts, benefited from a lower tax rate than the avg American, a blatant liar, and opportunist. I don't know much about his running mate besides the fact that he is also a liar and wants to end medicare in favor of vouchers. Neither one of them is the savior to America's problems, actually far from it. I will not argue with anyone over these two men b/c it honestly isn't even worth my time.

Romney Supporters, if you like him fine, whatever. Just don't come at me, you will not change my opinion of these two...ever. I felt the need to add this at the end b/c there are always a few instigators that stroll through groups that don't apply to them, just looking for trouble.

I have to end it with......HELL YEAH!!! OBAMA-NATION 2012!!!
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Bum?? Really? Did you not read this story at all?? Obama has more intelligence and wealth than you could ever establish in your lifetime. The point being at you would more likely to end up on the street than he EVER would be.

yes this A hole is Fing up the USA you ask for thim you got it

We need a third party

That is actually true, there is so much tension between the two parties that there should be another option. And while there are other parties, none have the numbers like dem and rep. It is what it is until someone does something about it.

Hell Yeah!

Yeah. I agree with all your points, frankly. I do have problems with President Obama. I've talked about them on this site and they're not hard to find. But I have bigger problems with Clinton and he was a very successful president too. This is a successful administration. I think we've still not seen the extent of the damage President Bush did to the country. I think we'll be hearing things for a while of which we're not even aware yet. This is not a perfect president and it's not been a perfect presidency. But we need to look at our options here. Obama is a good president. He's done a solid amount of good. I never tire of bringing up Rep. Wilson heckling him during a joint session. It's so crazy. It's nuts how much resistance there is toward President Obama from the right and the left. There are so many people working against him it's a wonder he could get anything passed. I support President Barack H Obama. Vote Obama 2012.

Let also not to forget the lates fact is Old Mitt believe that 47 % of the county is on welfare and Goverment Assitance. And that we believe that we deserve entitlements from the Goverment. Thats why we are voting for Barack Obama. As anyone who knows this knows this is complete B. S. We must do what ever we can do to stop this Idoit. We as a Country can not let the RNC back in control of the country as they want to go back to the way it was. They want all of grasping for their scraps. I Say Hell No! Do what you can to Re-Elect Barack Obama. I know I will.