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McCain...Desperate Or Just An Idiot?

What can I say about Sarah Palin that hasn't already been said or written? 

She's a gun-totin', moose-killin' and eatin', anti-abortionist, religious zealot who hates gays.  And she supports drilling in the Alaskan wilderness...and doesn't want the polar bear to be protected by the endangered species list.

She has NO experience.  She was the runner up for Miss Alaska.  She's a ******* ex-beauty pageant contestant...with absolutely NO foreign policy experience and she's a breathe away from being our president?  Holy hell.  

And, McCain and the Republican party is giving Obama **** for not having enough experience?  Um...can you say "hypocrisy"? 

I didn't think McCain could get any worse.  Yet, as always, the republicans never cease to amaze me....McCain, married to a plastic barbie woman, picks an ex-beauty pageant contestant, in the hopes that Hilary's supporters will vote for him?!!  WTF???

If he wanted to pick a female to run with him, there are so many more better choices.  Why Palin?  Is it because she's young (like his wife) and attractive (like his wife)?  Is it maybe because McCain is showing signs of dementia?  I don't know.  I don't get it.

And to touch on the whole Hilary thing.  If McCain choose Palin in the hopes of Hilary supporters voting for him, he is sadly mistaken.  Hilary is a smart, sassy, strong, bitchy (in the best sense of the term) woman.  Her supporters are the same types of women.  You think that just because Hilary is no longer running and McCain now has a woman VP that we are all just gonna vote for him because, "Hey!!  Vagina!!" 

Hell no.  Hilary's fans ans supporters liked her because of what she had to say, because of what she believed in, because of her ethics and morals and stance on certain issues.  Not because she had boobs.  These women are going to vote for the person who most resembles her in those ideals.  Obama. 

And, another thing that totally ****** me off is the whole "18 million cracks" comment:

“It was rightly noted in Denver this week that Hillary Clinton left 18 million cracks in the highest, hardest glass ceilings in American.  But, it turns out that the women of America aren’t finished yet, and we can still shatter that glass ceiling once and for all.” know why?  Because Hilary already did all the hard work by putting those 18 million cracks into the ceiling.  Palin will just have to lightly tap on that glass and she'll be through.  With no effort what-so-ever.  Great.  Fan-*******-tastic.


CuriosityKitten CuriosityKitten 31-35, F 120 Responses Aug 30, 2008

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Oh, and hell yes! Right ON!!! What more can I say!!

Well, happy day to you, too.

and your a baby killing drug supporting anti gun anti hunting ( ps we are human we need to eat meat hello! its only nature! we have these teeth for a reason ) left wing socialist communist nut job that thinks we should all bow down to obama when frankly he has less experience Sarah and i bet u think im some realigns freak right? well im not i don't go to church im not Christian im WICCAN ! i eat meat cause its natural not cause i like killing animals same with Sarah but i respect your beliefs and would never say any thing that would make u mad unless u did something = to it

Let's see what you've missed, in your rhetoric of Pallin, CK....<br />
You have to stack what you can, in order to make her look bad, as she attempts to protect the unborn.<br />
You seem to think that killing a moose is worse than killing deer and I'll tell you, without the annual hunters, here, thinning out the deer population, we'd be hitting them, every time we go to town.<br />
<br />
Although you can assume McCain is "showing signs of dementia," he is still, was and will be a much better choice, than the Muslim zealot, occupying the White House (after lying his way into that residence).<br />
Not only has Obama gone out of his way to rub noses (and other body parts) with countries, whose sold allegience is to wipe us out, he has also gone out of his way to say things about America that <br />
should be understood are his opinion - ALONE - but are taken as fact because this RACIST, whose wife is the the epitome of ugliness (and thinks she's Miss America - by the way, remember, Michelle wasn't proud of her citizenship until Barrack's lies got him elected and she would have a new address for at least four years<br />
<br />
You're proof, however, that "women, in America, aren't finished (running y'all's mouths, without knowing what you're talking about) yet."

I would.


me too! Got me to put a picture up too. I haven't visited here before I will have a look round your blog. I have been filming mad Muslims for years and putting stuff up, do take a look I always value input from all sides..

It's not me, but I'm loving the pic!!

Yeah. Some woman in Hollywood. I'd have to ask my mad republican buddies cos I am **** at links. they are going a bit ballistic at the moment but I understand fevers are high..<br />
<br />
Is that a picture of you with a gun in your underwear? You look great.

I certainly hope not. And if it is....then they couldn't possibly have been true Hilary supporters.

is that right?

Hang on.. I heard this tactic was actually working. I've seen prominent former Hillary supporters coming out for Palin no?

CNN is not as liberal as you might think. They provided an editorial (disclaimer and all, and with a link to an 'alternative view') that attacked Palin for being a nobody, having no experience, Troopergate, etc etc..<br><br />
But they also had a NEWS article from one of their writers that editorially referred to Palin as a 'maverick game-changer' in a non-editorial context. Like it was a fact. <br><br />
So.. read CNN carefully. They tend to lean one way or another sometimes.

And I WAS the president of my Spanish Club in high school. So, I have just about as much experience as she does...and I'm bilingual....kind of....

So, CK and I are friends, I am from Canada. Soooo.... CK should be president because of her great foreign relations.

OMG...I SAW that. Jon Stewart from the Daily Show responded with something like, "Well, Alaska is near the North Pole, too, so she must be friends with Santa." Dear lord...that's hilarious!!

Nadar...that's a wonderful compliment. Thank you so much. saw Obama speak? Wow...was that amazing??

OMG...AP...thank you. You should have been here earlier...I got blasted for being "immature" about the way I brought this<br />
<br />
And, right you are. Just because Palin has boobs and Hilary has boobs, doesn't mean I'm gonna vote for Palin now that I can't vote for Hilary. Why? Because I think for myself. Much like the rest of Hilary's supporters do.

She's a heart beat away from running the most powerful country on earth. And most of her experience is beauty pageants. Um....

I need to share this - only, I wish it was from MY pen :P<br />
<br />
Gov. Sarah Palin is the least known Vice Presidential nominee of a major party in our history. The McCain campaign will try to spin a positive story about her this week, but the American people are entitled to some facts along the way. Here are five questions she must answer:<br />
<br />
1. The Buchanan question. I don't approve of what Rep. Robert Wexler did today, basically calling Gov. Palin anti-semitic by association. If Gov. Palin is guilty by her association with Pat Buchanan, then so is Sen. Obama for his associations with Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers. I don't believe in guilt by association. But I do think she owes the country an explanation. What part of Buchanan's message appealed to her? What positions has she changed and why? What part of Buchanan's message does she still embrace.<br />
2. The Troopergate question. There's a budding scandal in Alaska over the firing of the state's Public Safety Commissioner and whether the governor tried to pressure that commissioner to fire her ex-brother in law, who was a state trooper. It sounds serious -- an independent legislative inquiry is underway and the Governor is expected to be deposed soon. Gov. Palin must pledge to cooperate fully with the investigation and not to hide behind executive privilege claims or drag out the investigations past the election.<br />
3. The pipeline question. Gov. Palin supports a pipeline that will send natural gas to Canada, not the U.S. This natural gas is essential for Canada's shale oil extraction program -- but is this in the best interests of the U.S. energy interests?<br />
4. The creationism question. Gov. Palin believes that creationism should be taught alongside evolution in science classes. The Supreme Court is unambiguous on this matter -- it's considered a violation of the establishment clauses of the Constitution. Does she believe that state and local government should defy the courts in this manner?<br />
5. The experience question. How did being mayor of a town of 9000 Alaskans -- best known for its gravel pits -- and 18 months in office governing a state of 670,000 -- prepare her to govern the world's richest, most powerful nation? She's claiming more experience than Barack Obama -- when has she ever taken a public position on a foreign policy matter? Has she ever traveled abroad? Can she name five foreign leaders?<br />
<br />
Palin needs to answer these five questions not with convention spin, but in a press conference. She has never been on a national public affairs show like Meet The Press. She hasn't been asked about major public policy issues by anyone other than the Alaska press.<br />
<br />
This is a major leap in the dark Sen. McCain has proposed. He is a 72 year old man with a history of cancer. He owes the nation a Vice Presidential candidate who not only is ready to be President, but who the American people have an opportunity to test and become comfortable with. This year, we have a 10 week sprint to the finish line in our Presidential race. <br />
<br />
If we're going to start to get to know Gov. Palin, the McCain campaign owes the public answers -- and access -- right now.

And...guess who works for an oil company? Her hubby. Yup.

She's fought Republican corruption? Alaska's economy is dependent on oil. Case closed. :P<br />
<br />
Oh, and she's been governor for about 21 months. Tons of experience there.

No, the current system isn't like the electoral college. We don't vote specifically for our Prime Minister. Canada is divided up into 'ridings', and each riding has different MP candidates from different parties to choose from. The choices of the voters are not necessarily made according to party lines; there's a fair share of bullshit, but actual ISSUES are what usually end up being voted on.<br />
<br />
On a ballot in my riding, I'd most likely have a choice between the Liberal, Conservative, New Democratic, and Green parties. There are a few independents here and there. In the West, there used to be the Reform party, and Quebec has always had the Bloc Québécois. They don't even run candidates in ridings outside of Quebec. But anyways, this system tries to be fair, but there's a major flaw. Any way you look at it, a lot of votes are not really counted, and many voters are left without a voice.<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
That's an example of the problem from the 2000 election. It happens every election. The NDP get 17-22% of the national vote, but only get 23 seats, whereas the Bloc has 8-12% of the national vote, and get 53 seats. The Liberals won 95 out of 103 seats in Ontario, and this is despite the fact that half of Ontarians voted for a different party. Weird, eh? The system needs a changin', but not as badly as yours does :P

How can you possibly say she has more experience than Obama?

She has more experience than obama.Hes been a senator for 2 or 3 years and spent most of that time trying to become president.she may be small town but she was and is Governor of Alaska,fought corruption again repuplicans,her own people and she knows about and feels certain about oil drilling in other places so we wont be so dependant on foreign oil.

It sounds a lot like our Electoral I right?

haha, I enjoyed that, AuroraBorealis ;)<br><br><br><br />
<br />
CK and burro - popular vote makes sense to me.. with the current political realities of the US. It's strange to me how you can only choose between two people and two parties. Nobody else has a chance, and independents are hounded for splitting votes from whichever demographic. I started to digress.. but anyways, yes, the electoral college does not reflect the will of the majority of Americans in some circumstances - which is NOT really democracy.<br><br><br><br />
<br />
The Canadian system makes a hell of a lot more sense, but it could still be better. Last election, as we cast our ballots for our favorite MP, we also had to vote on a new system of voting. Proportional representation, or the old way. Unfortunately, I think the powers-that-be didn't want the new way, and made the wording of it a bit confusing. Another problem was that most people didn't care, or were fine with the current system.<br><br><br><br />
<br />
Anyways, proportional respresentation would be based on the popular vote. MPs who won their seats would obviously keep them, but extra seats would be made available for parties that received a certain number of votes. Otherwise, as in the current system, parties that have millions of people supporting them don't have a voice because they don't have any seats in parliament. So those people also don't have a voice. You follow me? Based on the new system, a dark horse party like the Green Party would get at least 10 or 12 seats out of 308 just based on the popular vote. I think that is very fair. What do you think about this idea that was rejected by our voters?

You're right. God forbid America elects someone, anyone who actually thinks for himself. Is that too much to ask???

ROFL <br />
<br />
Aurora nailed it! :D