Dr Martin Luther King & Barack Obama

There have been some comparisons to these two people that need to be clarified.  One of Dr Kings' relatives thinks Obama is against what Dr King stood for or doesn't fit her picture.  Dr King was a preacher and Barack Obama is a politican and both of them want pretty much the same thing for America.

I was a part of and lived through the Civil Rights movements of the 60's and 70's. I was part of sit-ins, walks for rights, and I read every piece of information I could on race and separation.  My best examples of how people should be accepted and treated came from Dr King himself. 

Dr King preached that we had to accept people as they are and where they are if we truly wanted to help them.  He did not care about sex, race, religion, sexual preferences, or any of the the things that separate us.  He did not judge and his plan was cut short because of people who wanted to make him do so.  They weren't so afraid of his race views but more of his ability to give the love and acceptance that we all so desperately crave to everyone.

The Creator made and loves us all and none of us can stop the Creator from loving each person no matter what we believe. Because we all are his creation and he who hath no sin let him cast the first stone against his brother or sister.

Obama is a politican and his job is to help America and not to fall short of that promise like the other politicans have.  And, this is Barack Obamas' promise.  Obama wants Main Street Americans to have a real fighting chance this time.  He wants to give everyone a piece of the promise of America.  Obama is not what the religious people, or died in the wool Republicans, or big money movers & shakers might want but he is what the Creator has given us.

Why? because we all need to change our greedy, selfish, prejudiced, fat cat want to be living ways.  Obama is the correction of all the things we did not keep in check like the economy, our spending above our means, and letting someone else always make our decisions for us ... like putting total retirements in 401K investments.  The markets are gambles made against or for a companys' bottom line everyday and Americans were talked into allowing their total retirements to be gambled away.

Now, Obama is trying to give us a way out.  Obama us tells up front that it will not be easy and to get ready for this hard fight.  But, a lot of us are just like a battered wife who just cannot leave her wife beating husband.  We just keep looking for more pain with McCain.  We don't want to go to group and get well.  We just want someone to take the pain away with no assistance from us.  And, just as soon as the pain goes away some of us will start looking at McCain again ... the way a junkie hunts a big fix.

The United States of America needs drastic change.  The UN needs drastic change.  The world wants a drastic change from the leaders who only hear their voice and no one elses.  Why do you think the whole world is in crisis with us???  The whole world system has to change drastically or we will all fall no matter if you are Wall Street or Main Street.  Get this picture, folkes?

Obama is living Dr Kings' dream.  He is the closest thing I have seen in politics that fits the speech.  Dr Kings' dream was for everyone to have a chance at the American dream with a safe political and racial environment inwhich to accomplish that dream.

Stop holding up that progress with your own selfish wishes and let the real stuff get started.  It has been time for a change a long time, Thank You Mr Obama!


Peace and Love to you all.

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All presidents are lambs before the slaughter. I was taught by one of the best politician I know.<br />
Our government has always been run by those you cannot see. People whose families have had big money & power since well before the they took Jesus to the cross.<br />
I have to pick Obama because all else is just shooting yourself in the head. Keeping him in lets them know that we the "unwashed poor" will not just give up & die.... ( The rich back in the 1800's all over the world referred to the poor as the those who had not been washed in money or coin. Therefore unthinkable & untreatable as humans.<br />
Hugs, LW

You have the right to believe that way.... But I have found that when you give back to Ceasar what he rules you with....then he has no power. We all can make the things & do the things like the rich do..... <br />
Haven't you ever thought that maybe we could win if we could really sweat the rich by not buying, or living in, or riding in their creations? If you live in the rich mans' world...and you want to be like them too? Why should they make it easy for us?? Would you make it easy for everyone around You? <br />
Now I would...because I believe that no one needs 100 million bucks as long as there are 100's of millions of starving,homeless, sick, poor people & double that in childrens' numbers. It is sick.<br />
Hugs, LW

The eternal sea is government and politics. You went to the military and they taught you about their business...War. I'm not surprised and neither is anyone else. <BR><BR>You took the liberty with the bible so don't get miffed if I saw another coincidence in what you said and made my point. You do not know what I've done or not in my life so do not try going off on me because you haven't heard that conversation, yet. So far as what the government is doing, has done and will do, you, don't have market cornered on that either. We all know what government does and if we didn't ... the Hitler parade we've been living thru would have happened again. <BR><BR>Why do we all need Digital Boxes in 2/2009??? <BR><BR>The American people lost control of the government back in the late 1800s. We have been able to stem the flow somewhat over the years of total government take over. Maybe you think because I haven't lost the ability to do such human things as get hungry on my own time, love, feel or just live that I'm some kind of patsy??? I've had to look down the barrel of a gun more more times in my life then I care to remember and I am still here to tell the story. I've had to out think, out play, or out act people who have no real feelings about themselves and think they can kill, rape, torture, abuse and threaten other people. I lived thru that during the 50's, 60s', and the 70's. <BR><BR>I said sour grapes and I meant it. I'm not afraid of you. You sound like hate mongers. They like to try to change the subject. Remember anything you can do ... there is always someone out there who is better. OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA He won!!!! YAY YAY YAY!<BR><BR>And, I say what I want just like you do. I don't need to threaten people to get them to hear me. You must really be sorry that the War Machine isn't at full flow right now, huh?<BR><BR>You know most people just want to live their lives doing something good with the time. And, thats' what we will have in the end or extinction. War, politics, money the whole ball of wax is going to surprise us with the real fallout one day. Your gun or how well you can shoot it won't matter to a hill of beans when the government police come to lock you up with everybody else. No, it won't matter one bit.<br />
<br />
Peace and Much Love to you.

I did not quote the bible, I drew a coincidence out of it. Do not presume to tell me what I meant, do not erroneously interpret what I said and get on your pedestal spouting off at me.<br />
<br />
Sour grapes my eye. You keep your head in the sand and go on thinking the world is a sweet and happy place and that there is not a conspiracy against all of us that is being perpetrated by our government regardless of candidate. I have a tendency to be more real than that. <br />
<br />
If you and the rest of the world wants to "gang up" on me, then I'm happy to pit my aim against yours. Our government taught me to put 3 inch patterns in a target from 3/4 of a mile away. And in the event that you do get close enough to matter, I've also been conditioned to look a person in the eyes and sluff off their mortal coil as the windows to their soul go dim. It is all the same to me.<br />
<br />
The United States Government did not manufacture a rifle, bullet, or warhead that it does not intend to fire. It did not produce a single soldier that it did not intend to let off the chain, and if it did then why are you supporting that waste and not crying foul?

When you believe in superstition MR you cannot have faith. But if you are going to loosely quote the Bible - let us use it all the way - with or without optimism. Do you go by everything in the Bible? Do you live that way? So how do you know what is meant by anything you read in the Bible, really though? There is also a mystery school that says the verses of the Bible are written in a mathematical code that only a computer can decipher. Why? Because it is said that God knew computers would be created and was making sure the true meaning of this book would not be lost.<BR><BR>The change I keep hearing about is what???? Big Brother and Big Power and Big Liar are already here (the last 8 yrs for sure). The change I want to hear is what Obama is fighting for, sweeetie.<BR><BR> Americans have been fighting for the right to choose what they want every since this nation was born. Adverse interpretation of Bible verse and stories of fear tried to stop freedom before, they lost and they will again.<BR><BR>I did not have gun thru any of the times I've come thru - police kicking in doors without warrants, people screaming at you for whatever their political or personal attitude might be, standing up for some of fredoms that many have now and can experience. So I believe all this conversation is about is Sour Grapes.<BR><BR>Go lick your wounds if your guy did not win, because if McCain had won we wouldn't talking so much about abstract thoughts. Lick your wounds soundly and be glad they are not worse than they could be. In Obamas' world you count, big time. In the world I think you must have wanted people would have to live in a world too painful to deal with everyday and all types of unrest would have erupted.<BR><BR>The time of the gun would have happened in McCains' world, bigtime. He encited a very negative unrest in this country and he would have turned the whole world totally against America, even more than they are already. Even our supposed Alies were trying to think of how to contain a McCain presidency. <BR><BR>When you become a world bully what do you think happens? I'll answer for you. The whole world will gang up against you. Ask Hitler or Stalin. <BR><BR>The only sensible choice was Obama. The only serious choice was Obama. Now we can get to the bottom of all the crap. Hillary knows were all the "bodies" are hidden on Capital Hill and she and Obama are about to do some house cleaning. YeY YeY YeY!!!!<BR><BR>Peace and Much Love to you.

the word Anti-Christ does not mean....agenst christ Silly....<br />
<br />
It is the name of the one that will say that he is here to save all....But lead all to be under his utter controll....the Anti-Christ is a bad man(or woman).....I guess Hillery could have fit the bill also....But Yes I fear that Obama might be the one.....<br />
<br />
Got to go take stock of supplies......Need to get my own gun...Need more than one

First, I do not have an optimistic drop of blood in my body. <br />
Second, if you think that this government has not been out to oppress us since Reagan, then you have not been paying attention.<br />
Third, I made one correlation between the book of revelation, and taking a number, the word "Anti-Christ came up and you started missing the point.<br />
Bury your head in the sand all you want to. The change IS coming. But I think the change we are gonna get may be the change the illuminati has been threatening all along, and not the change that we want.

The Anti Christ is what some people use when they want to say something darker and more to their point.<BR><BR>No one was yelling Anti Christ when this American government turned into a military complex and used extreme torture, lies, and death, forgot about American jobs, healthcare, Medi-Care, the enviornment, and you. If you want to yell Anti Christ why didn't you yell it during the Reagan, Bush 1 & Jr years???? They were more against Christ and humanity than Obama ever could be. Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Lincoln, Billy Graham are all charismatic speakers, too ... Nobody called them the Anit Christ.<BR><BR>Here is a guy who says get in the boat in the middle of a raging flood - and you say - "Oh no thank you I'll catch the next one??? I believe some folk just have to see evil in everything - he is the President Elect not the Anti Christ. Just because he is good at getting people to listen to him, because he stuck to his plan and won, and maybe because a lot of people just cannot stand the fact that he is part black - does that really have to make him the Anti Christ????<BR><BR>Or is this just sour grapes?? I find that in this culture if there is something we don't understand we automatically rate it as evil or wrong. We usually have to go thru a bunch of crap nobody wants to do or live thru before we can accept something new and good.<BR><BR>I've got a real new suggestion .... Lets wait and see before we start all the usual suspect games, okay? Maybe we just might make a little progress if we just get out of our own way ... how about that???<BR><BR>Peace and Much Love to you.

It that not what is to be said about the anti-christ??????

He is not the messiah...But he is new hope in terrifying times. We need people to trust again. We need people who want to save and replenish, America.<br />
<br />
Peace and Love to you.

Tough times are here......But I do not think that it is The"End Times" yet....<br />
<br />
But will Obama try and take our guns...Yes I think that he would...And not is the time that we need them the most...<br />
<br />
A wise Man from Japan was asked.....Why bomb the Haber...And he responded...."If we were to bomb the Main Land....You would have every man and boy behind every bush with their rifel and gun.....No it is better to bomb the haber....Even though we will be awakening the Sleeping Giant.

Obama is not the answer. He is the sacrificial lamb. Our system of government is not set up to govern, rather to be governed by the people. Apathy is the enemy. All of us are sitting in front of our TV playing playstation, watching movies and listening to lies that the media feeds us. We are all asleep. We do not really care what is happening or we would have done something about it. The world is in the state it is in because of the inaction of the people.<br />
I am the "little man" along with every one of you. When do we stand and take the government back from the fatcats? And while the corporate elite could be content with just one or 2 yachts, I am not content with them having them. Not a single yacht. Not when their mistakes and greed cost me and millions of other people their homes and jobs. Wanna know how the "little man" is going to take America back? Wanna know when? When My family is starving. And your family is starving, and every family in America is starving and begging in soup lines for the handouts of the wealthy we will all get so fed up with it that we storm their mansions, take their yachts, and have our fill. That is assuming that we still have our weapons. We voted for Obama with hope. That hope I'm afraid will be brought to fruition by an event. I think that event will come in a racially motivated assassination that will give the government a green light to come and get our weapons. When that happens we will give them up or die. Or die until we give up. Which is really the ideal scenario for the government, (less people left to manage) and then the real NWO **** can begin. The bible predicted it in the book of revelations. They have been acclimating us to the CHANGE for years. First with the social security numbers, (can't get a paycheck without one) then with the digitization of our fingerprints, then with credit cards. We all got in line easily- and we already got our number. And every single one of us cannot spend a dime if the government doesn't want us to, and there is not a place we can go that we cannot be found even if we decided to bury ourselves 12 ft underground, they still found Saddam Hussein. One man in a world of 20 billion.<br />
<br />
Bullets, weapons, training, and the will to take the lives of the people who have already begun to oppress us. That is the only way that the common man has a future.

wow...let's just forget what happened in the last eight years.

Hmmmm....Sounds familiure.....Wonder if that is what they said back in the 1700"s

Must admit he looks great on T.V....but you do not run the nation on the telli...Now with most of the money makers in the tubes...and if the industeries leave...Then how in the world would the little man put food on the table...and a roof over their heads./..One that is not a tent that is????We need to make more here...and send less over there...That is how Ford helped make this nation great...Then the Unions trashed us...and the Corp. taxes...and governemnt regulations did the rest

and who pays the higher corp. tax...They pass it on to the little people that do not make much money...Corp. do not pay the taxes...the customers do...So now what

This is a political group...I was making a political statement...I did not come here to trash people...or come to push other aggenda ment for another post.... Go figure

Singer, that's great... You had the audacity to tell me to let your little uninformed group alone, but you could come to this one and make comments... I like this system of hypocrisy you've set up for yourself.<br />
<br />
To Tim, that's true... I have read the literature of both campaigns... I know that neither will accomplish everything they set out to do, because only one President has ever done that and he was James K. Polk. Still, like with Franklin Roosevelt, in tough times, when they offer the better alternative, you'd be a fool not to take it... (Not to mention, my social and economic views could never coincide with McCain's)

Dear Sir:<br />
Thank you for the compliment but I an between 50-51, not so young as you would think. I look at the Keating Five for McCain (1987-1989), The failed attempts at Controlling the Oil in the Arab states. We failed because we lied to the Arabs backin the late 1970s'. They found out about it nationalized the oil, sent the Shah of Iran to America, and sent many American businessmen to their deaths.<br />
<br />
OBAMA is the better bet between a constant evil that has been in the White house for that last eight years continuing with the McCain bunch and no hope for the people on Main Street.<br />
I've read a lot about this man and he is not some kind of black devil you are trying to paint him out to be. He is very dilligent about the people of this country. The republicans had their chance up to bat, they lost big time.<br />
<br />
It is time for a big change in Washington and I think he can get the job done as do the majority of other American no matter what color. I am tired of slick lies and alibis so are the American people. We don't want to start wars in the wrong country when we must fight.<br />
We don't want bad and completely failed economics. The Republican failed very badly. Now they are whinning again and blamming anybody but themselves. If I had my way about a bailout would never happen - never. Let them dig themselves out. Period!<br />
<br />
Peace and Much Love to you!

You are right he is not part of the Old Boys net...YOu have to be around longer than a year to be a part of that....He is still a freashman.....What balls

I can appreciate your enthusiasm. You sound young. You fail to tell me HOW Obama is going to do these things. "Intrigue or maneuvering within a political unit or group in order to gain control or power," is one definition of politics I find (wikipedia online) Obama is a genius at politics. BUT - what has he accomplished? What can he put his name on?<br />
He attended a church in which the preacher said, "God Damn America." In his younger days he associated with unsavory characters. I could go on. I have gone through several elections and listened to both sides. When a candidate tells you what he or she WILL do take it with a grain of salt. And do me a favor. Sit down, read all the Obama literature he puts out; ask yourself, HOW WILL HE DO THIS? Don't be fooled by empty promises. tim