North Korea

would be a good place for B-HO to be president.  His radical Socialism and Marxism would fit in nicely. 

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Well...let's see, the "bail out" as purposed by the President and his informed advisors is tantamount to socialism (thankfully there were NO votes for that plan), too complex at three pages. But that's the republican right. Which interestingly enough you left off your list of failed concepts. Not just the US but the global economy tetters on the brink ecause of the Republican concept of de-regulation. Now that's a filed concept. Islamism isn't even a governmental concept, it's actually listed un theocracy which is a general term. <br />
Socialism has never been done except in small parts, as the same holds true for communism, (Nazi Germany was socialist even tho that was their title, they were however strong rightwing), yep that failed. Russia and China are not communist, so no use siting them. Marxism has never been done either, and it is an explaination of a govermental concept no the concept itself.<br />
In fact with the expectin of a few indigineous tribes world wide, communism has never ever been done on a national scale. And solcialism has neve been emplemented in total either.<br />
Now democracy was done by the Athenians, but that was the last time. We are a Federalist Republic. More closely associated with the roman empire (re: republic) than the Athenian Ideal of democracy.<br />
So go back to poli. sci. 101 and reformulate.

CC...<br />
<br />
Have you ever even been to Sweden??? Hmm...???<br />
I hear it's HORRIBLE over there! All those tall blondes, Saabs... Completely overbearing society....???<br />
<br />

If you don't know by now, I'm not going to waste my time telling you. All you need do is read anything that has been written about him by the MSMM and you will be informed.

True. We of the intelligent thinkers would normally not sink to the level of whale poop which is where all the idiotic supporters of osamaobama reside.

time for you to go find your own people, trust me they are not under this section.

that's your answer?? you start a story and THAT is what you have to back up your opinion?

Add name-calling to that list. Libtards have no valid concepts. Liberalism, socialism, marxism, communism, and islamism are all failed concepts that do nothing to benefit mankind. <br />
No follower of any of those ism's ever had a sensible thought or original idea. They are all failures.

interesting... libtards whining and crying. i'm dying to hear all about this. what exactly do you mean?

Thanks. I do do a good job of sniffing out compliments.

You sir are an outrageous piece of baconfat if I ever smelled one!<br />
You really know how to throw your fat into the fire...<br />

I just love to listen to you libtards whine and cry.

What a nutjob!

Somebody wasn't paying attention when they defined political philosophies in history class. Or did you get sick that week?

You are a whack-o! I hear Palin is already lining up people to receive their 666 tattoos! Will you be first in line to receive yours from the anti-christ herself?!! LOL