I will be voting, along with everyone else in this great country of our. Who will win? No one knows. But I think it's obvious who I'm hoping will win.

The good thing about this, no matter who wins, is that finally this whole madness can end. And I'm talking about the friends being torn apart, because of this divide on political views. And the annoying arrogance of people invading each others boards, just to push their views on others or try to shake up a view of a majority.

I have been careful to NOT visit the McCain group. Because I don't support him. Therefore, whatever post people may want to put there, negative or not, about the candidate that I choose (Obama) won't cause me to react and push my political views on people who clearly have a right to choose and think what they want. It is their choice to vote for McCain, if they want to. And who am I to try to convince them that they're wrong or step on their beliefs or judgments? I only wish that others could be as mature. And some have! Which I am glad. But many more could have been so too.

I believe that this whole thing could have been more civil, but I guess some are not so peaceful or tolerant of different beliefs and reasons. And that is a little sad, but maybe some day that too will change.

I will get a good nights sleep tonight. And tomorrow, I'm going to vote for who I think is best. And it will be my choice to. And that is what makes this country so great. We do get a choice on what we want and are free to make decisions that we feel are best for us. :-)


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5 Responses Nov 3, 2008

In one hour we get the result .. yay!!!!!!!!!!

In my heart I know I made the right decision voting for Obama. When my ballot went into the machine this feeling came over me. (I'm not just saying that,it really did.) Fingers crossed. :) :)

Altho I am ineligible to vote, I hope, for many reasons Obama wins. One reason: I think his pressence in the White House will go a long way towards healing racial discrimination within the US.

I am starting to feel Really Excited.....!!!!

GOBAMA 08!!!