Democrats Win.. a Lot of Seats, Including the Big Chair!

Awesome~! I am very happy about this outcome, although I would've preferred 60 seats in the senate. I think it's really funny that I was all excited (at 11pm EST), but the election was over hours ago. No news broadcaster could project a winner until the polls closed in the west, but California, Oregon, and Washington were a lock. I didn't have to watch and be nervous after Ohio and Pennsylvania were called. Weird. Anyways, congrats to Obama, and hooray for all of you for supporting the best man. Obama wins!!

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2 Responses Nov 4, 2008

Oh it was such a magnificant feeling. Such a deserving win, so much to look forward too. I really feel like we matter now and that our vote counted. Horray Obama! It feels so great to be part of history as well!

Lol I was just watching about an hour ago and finally found out he won too! SO GREAT!!