Stop Blaming Obama, Congress, and Former President Bush.

I see a lot of whining and finger pointing, but I don't see anyone offering smart solutions to the situation we are in. The truth is this is our fellow Americans fault. No big wig politician will say it , although Obama eluded to it. Your neighbors who are not paying their mortgages, credit card bills, car loans etc... This is their fault the economy is the way it is. Maybe AIG shouldn't have loaned to them, but they whined about that too!!! It's not fair blah, blah, blah... Where is the personal responsibility??? I voted for Obama because he is a stellar example of what you can do when you work hard, go to school, and just become a productive citizen. Those of you who are recently unemployed what are you doing all day? Have you offered to volunteer? Maybe make some contacts even if you're not getting paid. I'm sick of everyone blaming congress and Obama and hell even former president Bush. Take a good look at yourselves this economic crisis is because of people too immature to turn down loans they couldn't pay. I know how much the bank says I can have, but I also know how much I can really pay. Again I ask where is the personal responsibility???

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I agree as well. I thought this website does a great job in analyizing Obama<br />

Because everyone else is. No one I know of has come out and said what I have said. It's Taboo. Like calling a fat woman fat. It hurts their feelings and causes an uproar. Plenty of people are blaming AIG. All I am saying is they are not victims, they are part of the problem.

And like I said our current economic crisis is so much larger than the personal responsibility issue, but you are acting as if that is the cause of all of this. I'm agreeing with you that it played a large part, but there are much bigger and much worse problems which led to this. <br />
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The people that you disdain for being so irresponsible are paying for it now as they are homeless, and over the course of a year 4 million have lost their jobs. They are paying their punishment for their 'irresponsible' actions. Why not concentrate on those that benefited from the boom that are paying no price?

It did take two lender/borrower, but there was a time in this country when people did not blame everyone else for their problems. I'm sorry I just can't agree with you too many people don't do their research before getting in too deep which is my point here. Like you said they're not thinking about it until they are doing it. Like puppets on a string =(

Common sense is not so common. You should already know this. <br />
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When you go to a doctor, you have strong incentive to trust what they tell you. When you go to a pharmacy, you trust that they are putting the correct pills in your bottle. Trust. You are not an expert in their fields, so there is a built in mechanism of trust and control. This doesn't mean that people are forced to accept everything that is told to them by an expert. After all, they can go to a different expert to get another expert opinion. However, there is authority inherent in such a transaction, and when you combine that authority with lucrative gifts within people's reach... it is tempting. <br />
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Most people know nothing about mortgages or buying a house, it's something that people don't worry about until they're doing it. And when they're in the middle of it they're relying on the expert opinions of their realtor and appraiser and a dozen other entities, all of which happened to be getting rich off of unsuspecting people who were "blindly irresponsible", as you might describe them. <br />
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The mess we find ourselves in is not as simple as people weren't responsible. It goes so much deeper than that. But if feeling that anger about 20% of the problem makes you feel better, then go for it. <br />
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I would still recommend that you watch that movie, or watch the cartoon on my blog "Money as Debt". It may open your eyes to how corrupt our system is.

Is it too much to ask people to think? Why is that offensive? It's more offensive to me to victimize these people and act like they're no smarter than lemmings. I wish people would THINK!!!

People only saw/hears what they wanted to see/hear. There's nothing special about me having common sense. It's not some amazing ability I have that others do not. The American people have brains and I think it's past time they start using them. If they want things to change they're going to have to turn off American Idol, stop buying crap off the dollar menu at McD's ,and pay their bills. The government can buy all these crappy mortgages but that just means you, me , and the rest of the tax payers now own crap we can't live in. It's amazing to me that McD's and Cable companies are still going strong. A lot of Americans do not have their priorities in the right place. Every dollar counts now a days.

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I was a mortgage officer during the housing boom. I worked for a credit union, not one of those predatory banks or mortgage brokers. I was routinely undercut by such people as they pushed loans which were deceptive, and they used every means possible to get people in over their head in loans which they had no way of affording. At this point you might scoff and say that the people were too stupid for getting tricked into getting in over their head, but not all people are able to be as pragmatic as you. Pat yourself on the back if you like, but realize that when people sit down with a loan officer that looks at their credit, assets, and income and then convinces them that they can afford their dream house... that is a powerful abuse of that position of authority. <br />
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I was fortunate enough to work at a credit union which was more interested in serving its members instead of selling a trillion dollars of bad loans which are profitable in the short run. <br />
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I would advise you to watch the free movie zeitgeist:addendum online and see if that changes your attitude towards our economy and the crime that your husband fights.

Madmax I hope the housing market crashes. The homes more than doubled in price, yet the wages of Americans stayed pretty low. Especially for the middle class. My mom bought her home in 98/99 for 56,000 sold it in 06" for 112,000. I looked it up the guy who bought it sold it again for 185,000 last year. That's just ridiculous to me. My husband is a police officer and I work full time in retail and go to school to get certified to teach and between the two of us we make enough to live with the criminals he arrests. To top that off the whole department is not getting a raise this year b/c of the poor economy. Really ****** me off I'm paying for the ridiculous behavior of people my senior.

Vendetta it is that simple. Too much money loaned and not paid back = Crisis. We can coddle these people but what good does that do? People don't think. I really wish they would. The bank tells my husband and I we can afford a 230,000 mortgage which is not true by any means. We were intelligent enough to sit down and do the math. Why can I not hold the average American to the same standard of intelligence without being called vindictive? After all it's my tax money paying for their lack of personal responsibility.

Personal responsibility is a part of this. A big part. <br />
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But so are a bunch of other factors, such as the fact that the entire housing bubble was manufactured and maintained through the joint efforts from many different fronts, from the predatory lenders to the winking and nodding appraisers to the Fed keeping rates ridiculously low to both parties of government pushing for higher home ownership, whether through decreased regulation or increased tax breaks, whether you blame Frank and Dodd or Bush and the 'ownership society'... there are many more reasons that people got in over their heads besides personal responsibility, so I find such a simple and vindictive answer to be wildly oversimplifying things.

I 100% agree with your comments. I know that I've had my share of financial/working ups and downs...and guess what? It was totally up to me to fix it. I had to get a couple jobs and work more than I played. It's hard. I think most of us have all been there at some point or another. I agree that blaming someone else for our own financial situation is wrong. I think that you take the risk of biting off more than you can chew. I know this first hand because I had to go bankrupt in my early 20s...and I tell ya...I'm on top of it all now. I refuse to repeat that part of my life!