I'm Still Proud of Obama

I'm still glad I voted for Obama.

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6 Responses May 1, 2009

I am happy to have a man with intelligence and dignity in the White House for a change.I am proud to have him and his equally intelligent and beautiful wife represent our country. I am relieved that the man with his finger on the button doesn't have a drink (or a bimbo) in the other hand. And I have faith that he is doing the best he can for the country, and that to expect one man to fix years of stupidity and mismanagement overnight is unrealistic and unfair.

Getevensteven is a sore loser of the school yard tantrum variety. Very bad form. Loses an election so resorts to throwing sand into headwinds. Pitiful.

Says the man who only shares his opinions on others ideas instead of writing down an original thought. I took a stroll to your page and not one story. When you have some opinion not provoked by another persons opinion then come talk to me.

Gunman those things are not his fault and neither were they Bushes fault. If anyone is at fault I blame America in general. Why are we not producing products and services other countries will need? Is this one mans fault? Capitalism is failing us because we have all become consumers instead or providers. Blame it on big businesses who outsource many many jobs. You blame the government when things go wrong yet you want less government. Make up your mind you can not have your cake and eat it too!!!.

I am too hes great!!

yes things are so much better know? the recession is over unemployment is a thing of the past!!