I Am Now Getting A Better Income And Well, Shocked. Had I Known Earlier.....

I lived for 12 years on rent and power paid for but $320 a MONTH only for grocery and bills. The craziness of $320 all month was I had 270 given at the beginning of the month and 50 given midmonth.

DO NOT ask me HOW I juggled bills. I. Just. Did!

Bloody miracle that I didn't accidentally run a bill up into the $1,000s trying to juggle and steal from "Perry" to pay "Paul". Sometimes I had to borrow the smallest amount possible from Perry to pay Paul. Then I would get rid of "Paul" and get back to Perry. Please do NOT ask me how that was done.

EVERY DAMN TIME I go think about that now, my poor head swims. My. Aching. Head. Swims!

I get about $600 or even more now, now that I filled out two extra forms and getting benefits from both of these government people. The total is over $600, quite a good lot over $600, possibly $700 or more, depending what the second form does. This all happened in May 2012.

How I even fit food into this is no small miracle in itself. Still I would be rather hungery at times. Now at 6-700, I can fit alot of food into that by far. That $6-700 is AFTER rent, power and so on. Just 320 of bills come out of the 700 and that is very little. Even, bills can be shrunk down to 200. If bills are shrunken, that is LOOOOOTS for food!
jmintuck jmintuck
May 16, 2012