My Rebuttle Of Moo Man Bad Mouthing American Women

mooman one of the mra here on ep  wrote these comments about American woman and questions they ask of men when dating, I commented back with my own replies.


Hey what do you do for a living.   gypsy.....>why does it have to be hidden information ?
How much money do you make a year.          gypsy.... ...>.well if ur not working im not going to support u ....

What type of car do you drive WHY.    gypsy.......> would it bother you to let her know what kind of car you drive?

How popular are you,          gypsy......>really?? how popular you are, now that is a long streach to prove a point! why does it matter ?

American women, place more emphasis on status than on qualities that count like being a kind and caring person. A Boy Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. Most American women are none of these.     gypsy........> i gusse any chance of you dating/ marrying an american woman, you are **** out of luck then, hu ? poor baby, you want me to cry you a river? ill hum a few bars ok ?

Every single time I meet a girl from another country the conversations start with "what kind of music do you like, are you close with your parents, do you have any kids, etc.   gypsy...........> why does it all have to be hidden information ? what would you like for her to ask you?

" Most American women who I know that are married now, would leave their husband if he became broke or bankrup

.gypsy....>.really? well if he is totaly broke and she doesnt bring in enough to support both of you and maybe a few kids in tow.... that pretty much would break up any family .... dont cha think? and besides women these days are capable of brining in the bacon ...
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If you want to have a good American girl you gotta be a good American man with some balls to you. No woman regardless of nationality will respect you if you have no balls. You don't take crap off her and she'll respect that. True Many American women are losers and lesbians but that's because many of us men are losers and homos who just want to get laid and break the good American girls heart so she's bitter. If we as men change for the better and start treating our American women good and show her to the door when she's trying to control or manipulate us then American girls will respect us. American girls are great they're just starved for real masculinity.

thank you transsientdude I hate to say it but, I never thought id end up being a angry women, but I am!! every man iv ever had anything to do with, dating marriage ,etc

they have treated me as if i was something to be used as a toy! then once i spoke up or refused to play their game, then they painted me as a *****!

You're welcome and I'm sorry to hear that you were treated like crap by the men you've been involved with. I hope you'll have better relationships with guys in the future. We can hurt you ladies really bad, I've done it plenty of times myself in relationships with women. I can't speak for the men you've been involved with but I know I always hated myself for it and still have tons of regret afterward even years later. That pain of breaking a woman's heart or hurting her emotionally just seems to never disappear.

i was just having a conversation to day with a man friend.

told him that when i try to explain things to him he says I'm bitching,I told him, no its called communication!!!! not bitching!!!

To me it's like this. If someone doesn't value your company they'll just dismiss your point of view. Happens all the time with people who are used to one another so the fear losing that person means nothing.

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They dislike American women for the same reasons American men dislike American women. The sense of entitlement,women are more important than men attitude. Feminism! I know alot of men and 99% of them are divorced and got burned for ALOT of money and had FALSE allegations thrown at them in court. A favorite American female thing to do. Not ALL, but most! Do you see dating or marriage agencies for foreign men looking for American wives? NOPE! ZERO! Yet there are MANY of them for American men looking for foreign wives.Oh yes, you'll say the same ole thing, that they just want US citizenship and then they'll divorce you. Thats just hog wash! Theres more to the story behind those situations. American women have a reputation world wide of being the WORST choice for a wife and it's a fact! They are the worst choice. They are extremely demanding and manipulative. They believe the man should obey and serve her and comply and cooperate with all of her desires and decisions. When the man does not and will not obey her, she becomes angry and resentful and will file for divorce, doing everything possible to make his life a living hell. I know 6 American men married to women from Ukraine. They are very happy! Three of them moved there permanently. Anyhow, It's obvious by looking around in public how many men have foreign wives. American men are turning away from them for good reason. I'm gently directing my sons in that direction to stay away from them and they're listening! I will never date another American woman again. I have dated European women and spent 2 months there. I'm going back as soon as possible! Just google "American women" or "American women vs foreign women" and you'll see pages of websites and forums about why American women make terrible wives. Men are finally waking up and taking action. Theres a huge movement now by men to educate and warn our fellow men and the young ones coming up about the dangers,financial destruction,false charges and major emotional pain and disappointment they will face if the marry an American woman. It's just too risky.

if my sense of entitlement means I expect to be treated well, then so be it.

wow Keith iv read just one paragraph and you all ready sound just like aussie haters.

hard to read with no paragraphing Keith

if you want foreign women go for it, and leave us the hell alone, so we can live in peace.

thank you very much,

and don't comeback to America.

ye,s most do want citizenship, do you know how many foreign women come here to America just to have a anchor baby?? to get benefits millions!!!!!

60 mins did a show on it.

if those foreign women never divorce you, they will have their uncle, brother mother, father, living with you in your living room they expect to be accommodated.

because their daughter snatched what they believe to be a rich American.

kitten your right...many come here to America and end up bitching about it!! many I suspect thought they could come here and live the good life by sitting on their *** ...

Americans have to get up every day and go to work and some have to drive for hours to get to work, its not easy

I know one American man who has a child by a Filipino, he has no idea if it is his,

she lives in her country and vs versa ..

she is taking him for every dime she can get.
but poor guy , and he has as such a big heart he cant see that she is ..

and just as a foot note, he is type of guy 99 percent of American woman would not have anything to do with, much less take him home to meet mom and dad.

and I would venture to say men who don't like American women, are not worthy to American women.

kitten your right...many come here to America and end up bitching about it!! many I suspect, thought they could come here and live the good life by sitting on their *** ...

Americans have to get up every day and go to work and some have to drive for hours to get to work, its not easy

KIETH if you want foreign women, go for it, and leave us the hell alone, so we can live in peace.

thank you very much,

and don\'t comeback to America

You're right. American women have a lesbian mindset, which is femininsm. That's why I talk to Filipinas, Chinese,etc. because they're the total opposite of American women , which is being feminine and heterosexual.

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These Ausie guys sound awful. Are they all women haters.....What do they think of their own mothers or sisters?

We American women can stand on our own and don't need them to justify any characteristics which are only THEIR DELUSIONS...

they hate women, but their main focus is American women.

Wow you actually believe that if a man looses his job and is having difficulties, it would break up any family and that the woman is justified to take the children away from their father and leave? Wow!!! Absolutely amazing and extremely disturbing. Here is the evidence folks, that the American woman's concept of marriage is MONEY! Not you the man, your money. bring in MONEY or she's gone! How do you all like that for a definition of love? Oh wait, I mean love of MONEY. I guess your recommending women discard the "for richer or poorer,for better for worse" and "until death do us part", part of the wedding vows with GOD ,family and friends as their witnesses to the promise they made to their husbands as they looked him in the eye on their wedding day?

i take it your speaking about the the guy who i had a chat with, since he is the one who said ...>Most American women who I know that are married now, would leave their husband if he became broke or bankrupt..( if not, please let me know )....

yes, I thought you said it.

you thought wrong.....kieth ! read again......... or do i need to give you time to look for ur reading glasses?

UUmmm, yes, reading glasses please...hehehehe My mistake. Sorry.

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When you see men like this you know immediately that your dealing with beta males with narcissistic delusions, they think they are alpha males so they pursue alpha women, problem is alpha women clearly see they are only beta males and reject them... This constant rejection makes the beta males resentful and instead of improving themselves they decided to blame the women who are too good for them...

yes! we are women we are strong!

Yeah, many of those alpha this and alpha that are homos and lesbians undercover. They just use that alpha crap to cover up for their down low homosexuality. Real men find feminine, heterosexual women attractive not psuedo lesbians who don't know if they want to be with a guy or girl. You can keep that alpha crap to yourself. Good American women are on the decline and are being replaced by Asian, European, Hispanic foreign women who are heterosexual and feminine. That's just the reality of things. American women are becoming obsolete just like the country itself.

number one immigrant into America, is Asians not Hispanics like every one thinks!

You're welcome.

You should learn what sarcasm is trAnsman I was making fun of redpill BS because it's as ridiculous as you :)

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kitten, yea, mommy boys! the grp here is a very small grp,which tells me they are of extreme thinking compared to the main stream.<br />
<br />
<br />
those 2 aussi guys are like book ends. setting each other up to support their cause...<br />
<br />
one of them posted a pic of a single mom with her *** crack showing, the aussie guy who posted it, photo shop the name shelia on her ***, as if to say the women is part male and part female. <br />
<br />
so i reported him for that and other insults he made about not only woman but, his main target, american women.<br />
<br />
at least the pic was reposted with out the the name on her *** .. after e/p was made aware of it, <br />
<br />
some of his other comments have been took down too. he and that other aussie hates american women, makes me think they are thrid world men, not aussies...

whether he knows it or not or admits to it, men do the same thing. i know many men that won't talk to a woman unless she has a job, makes a certain amount of money and has a certain type of car. if american women are guilty of this, american men give us a run for our money.

yea this moo cow guy has suggested that men are becoming gay cause of women...nothing like blaming woman for scaring men into being gay...

the whole lot of them are plain stupid. i wonder if they really believe what they're saying? scary! they all need to go the way of their brother greenbare *jerrica blows "taps"*

i think they're scared of all women period lol

yep i agree jerrica

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Most women arent pedophiles and therefore have no desire to date boy scouts!<br />
<br />
As for the what car and how popular are you questions I worry that perhaps a dejacow is using the local junior high for his research. Which isn't just creepy it is illegal!<br />
<br />
Finally, if I ask someone what they do for a living it isn't because I care about if they have a job or how much money they make, its because if they answer with politician or priest I'm running away!<br />
<br />
I've never asked a man how much money he makes, I don't know of any women outside the ***** club who have.<br />
<br />
Maybe deja would do better to stop trying to date strippers and teens?