I Flaged This Story. From.....> HE CALLS HIM SELF " ALPHA BETA SOUP"

American women are truly worthless. I think we should export all American ******* to other countries and take in women from other places. Have you noticed how fat these ***** get AT AN EARLY AGE nowadays. I went to Europe and I was amazed at how women take care of themselves even in their older years. European, Russian, South American girls are the way to go.

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i think your a nutter because beautifull is not visual but hidden.Its attidude and presonality that makes a person.what goes round comes round.

If this cracker box doesn't like American Women he can go to some 3rd world country or Siberia either would suit him

are you saying that just because a man chooses to be with a Russian woman or any non American woman he is a \"cracker box\"? I think the reality is you resent that American men are fed up with American women and they are are looking elsewhere.

Many American women say that these men are losers who can\'t measure up for an American women and have to go elsewhere,they are unattractive, unemployable in their home countries (usually Canada or the U.S.A) and worked for a pittance at some rinky-dink job.

it takes a little money to marry a foreign woman. A good friend of mine paid around 10,000 dollars by the time everything was finished

so many, especially military, very young and inexperienced men think an Asian would be submissive quiet and let him be the boss, there is another side of the coin, they grow into soccer moms very quickly, they learn about money because they never had any, they send quite a bit home to their relatives, I knew of one who told him he could divorce her for $20,000, no questions asked.

I am telling you with Asians it\'s all about being gold diggers, don\'t fall for the flattering words and shy smiles.

polish and Russians are DESPERATE to get out of their country, they will marry any man to get out of poverty

Russian women are desperate to get out of their country?? Oh really? That statement shows you have ZERO knowledge of reality. Have you been there? I spent 2 1/2 months in Ukraine,which is pretty much the same as Russia. I met many Ukrainian people who said they have NO INTEREST or desire to leave their country and NO desire to live in America. They are happy with their life,have a job,an apartment or house and do not want to leave their life in their country. Americans,like you, are obsessed with money. You cant stop talking about money or thinking about money and believe in your delusional world that all other people are also obsessed with money. You are sadly mistaken. Ukrainian people value FAMILY and MARRIAGE first about all else. American people value MONEY over their spouse and family. They may be poor in Eastern Europe they are very good people with very strong marriage and family values. There are bad apples in every bunch,but the majority of them are good people who have no interest in leaving their country. Thats a fact!

well thank you Keith

wow Keith calm down it will be ok!!

are you married to a Russian?

yes here in America we do value money ! why? we live in a capitalist society!! if you don\'t have money you get to live in the street and take hand outs ! DUH!!!!

HEY KIETH, looks like you adopted an American name for your profile handle. hmmm

I see from your profile, you hate American women, so now i know why your sooooo bias.

you must of felt some kind of common ground with my comment on loser men who marry foreign women

agree with hatersloyal. I believe you are the overzelous one

I take you are ok with him calling American women fat *****? you must be, since you hate American women too.

Id bet my last dollar you are over weight and ugly as they come ! and ur accent s so ******* thick, one cant understand you !! we would have to push 1 for English just to understand you !

if you hate American women soooooo much. why are you on exp project for?

and why have you adopted one of the ugliest man names there are,\" Keith\" how boring is that !!! you cold not come u with something a little more original? to insult women with ?

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*crowd chants* GTS, GTS, GTS, GTS, GTS, GTS, GTS, GTS, GTS, GTS, GTS, GTS, GTS, GTS.

gts= go to sleep



i\'m not surprised to hear that. the MRA\'s have been known to go around rating down repsonses from so called feminists. so juvenille.

Ii told him to stop stalking me and to stop rating my comments down!

of course he wrote me some stupid nasty note, but i have yet to read it lol

its amazing how so many men feel threated by women


kitten you got that right!

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Hey buddy - - since you're so put out by how "fat these ***** get," how about providing a pic of your own glistening physique?

alphabetaDOPE is more like it lol. if i'm not mistaken he still lives at home with his mummy and daddy, probably in the ba<x>sement. not hard to figure out why he's bitter and hateful towards women. none of them have probably seen the vajay jay since the day they were born lol

This shaming tactic is an allegation of bitterness called "Code Red" - a Charge of Irascibility; the target is accused of having anger management issues and whatever negative emotions he has are assumed to be unjustifiable. To clarify, anger is a legitimate emotion in the face of injustice and it is important to remember that passive acceptance of evil is not a virtue.

la te da

whatever dude lol

oh shut up. i wonder if you guys look as stupid as you sound?

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They are emotionally immature men whom have difficulties maintaining relationships with women. Instead of taking personal responsibility and doing something to repair their own demons and shortcomings they choose to misplace blame onto women. Sad really.

Haha diamonds! Thank you! :)

All you have to do is scroll down and see the 8 pitiful members of this group...and their stories are a hoot.

Yeah, those guys have been posting those stories for quite awhile. I understand your anger, Gypsy. Of course any rebuttal is deleted and blocked. I am just grateful for their lack of any real following on EP.<br />
<br />
Some of their stuff is actually comical. They think if a man drives a compact car or drinks soy milk, he is doomed to pussyhood. Ha!

Stop calling them ********, Restless! Hit them where it hurts. Call them "Scion Driving Silk Drinkers."

yea there is one story one of them posted about thier hatred of american women.... and all of them replyed by saying lets all go out and drink

Actually, irrefutable scientific evidence suggests that soy milk contributes to unhealthy feminization of men:


that guy anit wanting to drink a shot of soy with his home boys lol...... he is talking about some bar time at the local watering hole ..those aussies eat beer cans for breakfast for god sakes... lol

Exactly kitten!

Hahaha...I have never been boycotted before. Have you, Kitten?
With all the noise Knightrunner makes, we have forgotten to enjoy some of the other eloquent posters!

*loves Bijoux*

I would rate your comment up lots more. But I am boycotting EP tokens.

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<p>its in the group i support boycotting american women,<br />
<br />
title..>export American women and import foreign women</p>

Is this guy serious?

Yep and i agree. It's the best advice Ive heard yet! I'm going to import one,but exporting the American women sounds great! Just for about a year, then they can come back. it will change them for the better.