I Support Brady Campaign

I Support Brady Campaign because I am a firm believer that guns have a mind of their own and are in fact responsible for the acts committed by humans controlling them. A gun makes a good person snap and do bad things. I believe that nobody needs a gun to defend themselves against an armed criminal, they can either run away or offer them a cupcake. I believe everything wrong in the world is all George Bush's fault and that it is just not right that people who go to college get to make 6 figures, while those who refuse to lift a finger have to become baby factories just to get a little help. I believe that a father taking his son hunting or to a shooting range is no different than a street gang putting a gun in the hands of a child and persuading him or her to use that gun for criminal activities.

I do not believe in concealed carry on college campuses because violent crime does not occur on college campuses. I believe having a permit to carry concealed on campus will cause students to suddenly go completely insane and could end up hurting themselves or someone else. I think that magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds make it much easier to take many victims at once, because if they have a 33 round magazine, they don't have to stop shooting and reload. Whereas if they had three 10 round magazines there is just no possible way they can reload a magazine in time to shoot more people. I believe that Rosie O' Donnell preaching about how bad guns are, yet being escorted by armed security everywhere she goes, is in no way hypocracy or a slap in the face to the millions of Americans who can not afford such protection and must take it upon themselves to defend their family.

I believe it is only right that homeowners have a "duty to retreat" from their own home, instead of defending themselves against a dangerous criminal who has forced entry into their home. A man has a duty to retreat from his home, even if he leaves behind a family with children to be victimized by an armed assailant. Because all the kids have to do is, give him a cupcake and he will suddenly grow a conscience and decide crime isn't the way to go after all. Then they will build a camp fire and sing koom baya together, while roasting marshmallows. I believe that if an armed assailant points a gun at a law abiding citizen, he or she just wants a little money and the citizen should hand it over with a smile on their face, rather than defend themselves. I believe there is absolutely nothing wrong with the fact that criminals who force entry into a home and present an immediate threat to one's family, are able to file lawsuits against the homeowners if the homeowner shoots them. Because they could have at least tried to run first, or give them a cupcake.

I believe that college students in this country are entirely too reckless to have the right to bear arms guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment, and if they really want to protect themselves, they will need to bake some cupcakes.

To sum it up, the answer to peace in America is simple. Cupcakes. Not guns.
eyeowngunz eyeowngunz
41-45, F
May 10, 2012