Tata's Make Me Smile..but Seriously...

My first wife survived pancreatic cancer for 3 years. I like to say that the beauty of what we went through spiritually outweighed the horror of what we went through as a couple. If you have breast cancer, first of all I want to say, "Bless your heart". You are scared, and for good reason. Boobies make me smile, but this is not something to smile about. You are frightened, and with very good reason. Lets not mince words, CANCER is a very scary thing. I am sorry you have it, it  is NOT your fault (95% of breast cancer is genetic) and that doesnt change the fact that you have it. (HUGGGGGGGZZZ) You are scared (DUH).

Fortunetley, you have it now as opposed to ten years ago.

You WILL survive.

As far as peace, acceptance.,....welcome to the real world......gratz, in a sense I really do mean it........you are now living on the edge......not a skateboarder, a snow boarder....but literally, LIFE....on the edge....

A long time ago someone told me I didn't KNOW the difference between an inconvience and a problem. Gratz, you now do.

He said..."When you wake up, and find  a number tatooed on your arm (Nazi concentration camp survirvor) or...and, THIS is for YOU....you find a lump in your breast. Then......you have a problem.

I will say it uncondtionally, I love you and what you are going through. YOU WILL SURVIVE




raisingwolves raisingwolves
Oct 9, 2008