Get Over It!

Of course, women should breastfeed in public if they choose. Babies need to it! I think it's strange that boobs are everywhere, but people are so uptight about breastfeeding. *scratches head* I don't care if the mom wears a hooter hider, I don't care if she just whips it out.

Some people think women should not breastfeed in public. Um, okay. Some babies feed quite frequently, the only way some women could not feed in public is to stay home. Is that what they are supposed to do?

Also, I think other women or heck people in general should see what breastfeeding looks like. I think part of the reason so many women have issues breastfeeding is b/c they have never seen it. For example, many women believe the baby should latch on to the nipple. WRONG! The baby should have a lot of the areola inside the mouth.

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I agree. If women are not allowed to bear a breast to breastfeed, then, I think the same rule should apply to men who go shirtless, when they have way bigger man boobs than I have ever seen on most women. And, you're right. When breastfeeding is done right, the baby's mouth covers almost as much areola as a pasty would. Also, I've seen more breast area exposed by some of the skimpiest bikini tops on the beach. I don't understand what the problem is.

Alot of the problem today is people tend to stare just because they are not expecting it! It,s human nature my wife breast our 2 girls sometimes there was gaulkers other times not! babies have to be fed and nothing better than moms milk! people just have to get rid of old school thinking! allow mothers to be mothers! as the saying goes mother knows best!!

IA, I do think people see breastfeeding as perverse. I think some people even view it as animalistic in a bad way. <br />
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I also wonder if some men think the boobies should belong to them...

first of all, heheh hooter hider lol Ok that's out of the way. I think a lot of people's problems with Breastfeeding is that it's been ingrained into us that female breasts are a sexual organ, men's chests are just fine to be seen but god forbid a female breast be shown (remember Janet Jackson?) then add to that OMG There's a baby attached!!!! People's brains are torn, especially men... because there's a boobie, a sexual organ laid out to see, then there's a baby... I dunno maybe I'm offbase... but I think people see it subconsciously as something perverse... just a thought... I personally see it as a beautiful moment of mother child bonding