Thinking About What The Girl Said...

I've been thinking about what she said.

In places like India and Pakistan, tucked away, human trafficking and virtual slavery aren't things of the past.  Through debt, people are taken to work at places like brickworks and live like slaves 'to repay their debt' that they never see any accounting of.  They will never repay it.  Families have sometimes been there for several generations, children born into their parents' slavery, becoming slaves themselves, and if they survive, having more children to misery. 

An NGO that remains unnamed, for security reasons, rescues a small number of these children.  Recently at a quarry they drove their van in, took a group of specific children and escaped.  On the drive, the children were given a banana, something common enough in India.  They were discussing it with curiousity. They thought it was some kind of potato.

One of the girls had recently lost her last parent, her father, and her brother.  The conditions are harsh.  Her question was simple: "Why didn't you come sooner?" 
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so poignant and deep...sometimes i swear i feel you in my womb


for some reason, my comments keep cutting off the first letter...that was supposed to say, "so"

It is so sad that these conditions still exist in our world. So very sad. Can anything be done to help them?

From a distance it's difficult. The convention on the rights for the child is the biggest breakthrough. Once countries sign up it becomes illegal to treat children this way. Unfortunately the US is one of two countries that ha not ratified this convention, god knows why.

I agree that makes no sense, as we have laws here that protect the children.

What exactly is NGO? I am curious, I am not sure about it. Are they publicly funded? As a mother I am always mortified to hear about this but I am not sure what I can do other than the usual lame move of donating. Although it might help, I don;t know who to trust. I know this exists in South Am but the money donated doesn't usually reach the people who need it. It's a shame.

NGO = non government organisation. I think most of the major organisations actually do a pretty good job (quite effective) and are very accountable, as they live or die by their reputation. I work for one, and certainly funds have gone astray at times, such as someone running off with funds, or an unsuccessful project, but this is by far the exception.

It's not in the past here either.<br />
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Not certain where they got their numbers though.

No, you're right. Human trafficking is global, particularly, but not confined to, the sex industry.

We don't really care as a society do we? We have our internets, movies and beauty saloons to distract us from realities of war and such ;D

Yeah, but it's not a blame trip. So many would do something if they had the opportunity. It's just... too far away.

That's why I'm signing up for royal marine commando unit to fight on the frontlines in Afghanistan