Children Should Have A Place Like Ep

I believe that children have rights too. They need to be guided and taught but they don't need to subjugated. It's not that I disagree with corporal punishment as it is that I believe children should be treated like humans.
They have a right to know and understand what is going on around them. I believe that they will understand life better if we are honest with them. I don't mean that we should tell them the cold hard facts. Besides, they probably wouldn't understand it if we laid it all out like that. However, we can answer their questions honestly and in a way that they can understand. There is a difference between putting it gently and tactfully and out right sugar coating things.
I also believe that they need to be supported in all ways. When I was growing up I was told to forget about that person that I was crushing on because it was just puppy love anyways. I think that people who say that don't remember their first crush. I doesn't matter what the age of the child is, at that point they are feeling it honestly.
I think that people don't think about what children are dealing with because they think that they are just kids. When a child struggles with their identity it is every bit, if not more so, disturbing than it is for an adult. When a child is dealing with issues about their sexuality it is again every bit as, if not more so, important that they get support and acceptance.
I know that a lot of parents are either uncaring (for the previously mentioned reason) or don't understand. Us adults come to this site for support with issues that we are struggling with, or so that we don't feel alone while struggling with those issues. Children need the same thing. I don't know if this site is necessarily a safe place for them, but they definitely need a place like EP.
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My favorite part of your comment here is: "They have a right to know and understand what is going on around them."

I feel that there are so many parents in this world that do not know how to raise a child. They are I feel oftentimes oblivious to the harm they're parenting strategies can cause to their children. I feel like so many parents are truly ignorant on how to raise a child. Which I mean, I know we all start out that way. You have your first child and you have to learn how to parent and we all make mistakes. But continuing to make the same mistakes and not even recognizing the way such mistakes can harm a person is truly cruel. I wish that people would understand how to be humane, especially in regards to children. Which may be the most important people to be humane towards. And yet it is often the opposite. I don't think people should have a child until they have learned how to be humane.

One of my favorite quotes is: "Live so when your children think of fairness and integrity they think of you".

agreed with everything.

Thank you.