I have one controversial subject in particular to rant about. When I was a kid, I thought it was particularly cruel that I did not have the right to have sex. I had all the hormones and desires, and my body was obviously capable. But for some reason I would be a criminal if I were to act on what nature is telling me to do. And I would have been making a criminal of an adult if I had chosen to do it with an adult. These "age of consent" laws bothered me quite a bit, and I felt I should fight against it as an adult. But now as an adult, I feel that if I were to fight against it, I would branded a ********* which would invite all kinds of unwanted attention. And maybe it is exactly for that reason that more adults are not fighting for this basic right of children.
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To add to my own rant, now I hear of kids being branded pedophiles for taking naked pictures of themselves, and being put on a permanent registry of sex offenders. What kind of crazy society are we in?