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A Must-See Message For Non-Smokers

it's true... we may be under attack now, but, if our liberties are taken, do you really think they'll stop? meat, sugar, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, fast foods, high-fat foods, bar-b-ques... the list is endless.think i'm nuts?  you can no longer buy a soda over 16 oz. in NYC.  To curb obesity.  If you're skinny and you want a bigger soda?  Tough.  If we don't stop them now we are headed towards more and more restrictions.  Is that what you want?  Or is liberty, individual choices and freedom more your thing?  I know where I stand.  In your heart and soul, so do you.
smokingrocks1 smokingrocks1 56-60, M 1 Response Feb 1, 2013

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I agree enough of the nanny states

thanks for the rate ups!