Stonyfield Farms

One of the best yogurt producers in the America is Stonyfield Farms. This company only produces organic milk and yogurt dairy products that are not only healthy for you but are also incredibly delicious.

This New Hampshire based company uses natural and earth friendly methods and donates a portion of their revenue back to the community.
Whew.   I believe in supporting companies that support a healthy earth and humanity.   Finding a company like this, is like experiencing an unexpected breeze of fresh New England air - delightful.


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Here is some additional information I have taken from their website.

Today, in addition to producing the yummiest and healthiest yogurts available, Stonyfield has become a model for socially and environmentally responsible business.

We established a “Profits for the Planet” program, which commits 10% of our annual profits to individuals and organizations working to restore and protect the environment.

Stonyfield also uses the yogurt lids—millions each week—to promote causes, organizations, and environmental initiatives.

Our plant engineers have worked hard to reduce the energy we use to make yogurt, and to recycle as much waste as possible, which has kept tens of millions of pounds of waste from being dumped into landfills.    We are proud that because of our company and your support, we are able to keep hundreds of organic farmers in business, and over 100,000 acres managed with organic practices.

For its efforts on behalf of the community and the environment, Stonyfield has received numerous awards as follows:
The Clean Air Excellence and Green Power Leadership from the Environmental Protection Agency;
Business Week’s “America’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneur” award in 2009;
Consumer Reports’ “Best Companies to Buy From”;
2008, Working Mother magazine’s “Best Green Companies For America’s Children.”

Our products have won many awards too, for taste and for health.
In 2009, Good Housekeeping Research Institute awarded Stonyfield with “Best Vanilla Yogurt,” and similar accolades have rolled in from the likes of Women’s Health, Fitness magazine, Natural Health magazine, Vegetarian Times, Rachael Ray Magazine, Men’s Health, and Real Simple.

We’ve come a long way from the ”stony fields“ of Stonyfield Farm. Much as we loved the farm, we outgrew it. But our origins are there, in that rambling old hilltop farmhouse, and when we left we took with us the nurturing spirit of the place. That is what you are consuming with every cup of Stonyfield Yogurt you eat.

No, I am not being paid for referring you to this company. I just think their product is wonderful and worth telling you about.

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May 13, 2012